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Dr Badvibes
Posted by hxc on the cult forums:

Who is Dr Badvibes? Well lets ask the american namer of Dr Robotnik, Dean Sitton!

"well.. as a lowly game councilor i would sit at a desk and answer abot 200 calls a day telling callers how to beat games etc. i would often get invited to brainstorming meetings to help develop storylines or name characters..offer ideas. but this wasnt my job (title) and lead to trouble. the game sonic game in in an early state (just a few levels and some of the characters appeared as garbage chars that flickered. the producer of the US version would be in japan and call in for updates. like how many rings for a free many rings for a continue etc.. i got to play the game for a week or so and i submitted a document that showed the chararacters in the game that i could see and a few names for each of them. dr. badvibes and many other names were not chosen. i named ivo robotnik, ballhog, and 3-4 more form that game. i helped to flesh out the fiction for greenhill and sally/sandy/whatever the girls name is now..with a guy named jamie... usually producers of games have only to fill in the doesnt always matter how the blanks get filled in."

Unfortunatly, he was only willing to answer one question, and I didn't know about the Sonic 1 Alpha stuff until he answered my question. I will push a little for another one, but don't expect anything.

Note: This is legit, despite his grammar :)

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