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An Embedded Message
A hidden message apears on the Sonic Team Presents screen of Sonic 1. It can be accessed by the following codes:

Version #1 (JUE)
C,C,C,C,C,C,U,D,L,R then hold A,B,C and Down when demo starts
Version #2 (J only release)
C,C,C,C,C,C,U,D,D,D,L,R then hold A,B,C and Down when demo starts

Since the text is hidden only by a simple pallette entry of the same color as the background, an alternate method would be to take a screenshot with the correct pallette, then change the value of entery #2 to white.

It is basically just a credits screen:

プログラム       中  裕司
プラン         安原 広和
デザイン        大島 直人
            石渡 爾奈
            片岡 理恵子
サウンドプロデュース  中忖 正人
サウンドプログラム   久保田 浩
            牧野 幸文


Sound Produce
Sound Program

Naka Yuuji
Yasuhara Hirokazu
Ooshima Naoto
Ishiwatari (Jina)
Kataoka Rieko
Nakamura Masato
Kubota Hiroshi
Makino Yukifumi

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