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SUNYATE's mystery box

SUNYATE, a member of the CulT forums found this years ago when he first got Sonic The Hedgehog. Appearently, all through Scrap Brain Zone Act 2 there are various powerup boxes with no useful purpose. That, and they're in really fucking odd spots.


" the first day sonic the frikkkin hedgehog came out, i devoured the game, and noticed a strange curiosity within the scrap brain. for years, i've asked people to tell me what it is, and nobody knew, or just ignored me.

several years ago, i downloaded genecyst in hopes i could see this clearly and maybe find out what it is via layers, but NOOOOOOFUCKINGOOOO, my effing computer wouldn't have it and i never was able to get genecyst to work without crashing windows.

so, with that said, this may seem like the dumbest question in the world, but i'll ask anyway. peek at this pic, nevermind the visible monitor. there's a hidden monitor in the wall. once hit, something pink pops its head thru the chrome. a flower? i was never able to recognize the sprite.."

So the search began. The box above is at 072F018C (for those who are unaware of what that means, it means the top row of numbers that appear where the score is located when the debug mode is active)

This is the box when the level layers are disabled.

It can be clearly seen as a blank box, much like the dud boxes you can place in debug mode.

When the box is broken, this odd graphical artifact (strange piece of shit on the right) appears.
After research, this is what it turned ot to be:

Other dud boxes can be found at:
04F0 03D0
0590 03D0
05F0 03D0
05F0 04D0
0690 03D0
0690 04D0
0710 01B0
0A30 0200
0AD0 01E0
0AD0 0270

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