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The Missing "Press Start"

Upon my sprite research, ala Genecyst, I came across a mystery. After a while, it was solved. It seems that there was a flashing press start text on the main screen at one time.

Press Start Button?

I'm guessing it was voted out, but it still remains....

In the US/NTSC or PAL/EURO version, (which are the exact same ROM inside the cart to begin with) use a modded Genesis/Megadrive set to japan, or a Japanese Megadrive
Then start the game and at the title screen press,C,C,C,C,C,Up,Down,Left,Right.
The game will go to the demo mode. Once in there, press Down+A+B+C, keep them pressed, and either wait for the demo to end or press start.
If you don't release the buttons, you'll see some japanese characters with the names of part of the team, and then you'll get the PRESS START BUTTON words.

Hacking it in the rom:
American Sonic 1 (GM 00001009-00): Change address 0x17271 to 00
Doing it wioth a Game Genie: code AB3A-DADV

This also works on the Updated (J) version of sonic 1.

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