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Toxic Caves
The zone starts out with Sonic jumping out of the sewage and shaking himself off like a dog. Despite him swimming in the sewage all this way, if you fall into it later on, you lose a life... but enough about that. This first stage is more of a warm up stage. The only way to fail is to fall into the sewage, but it's actually pretty easy to avoid. The hardest part is hitting the exact targets, and timing your hits just right so Sonic goes in the right direction that you want him to. You have to just pinball, roller coaster, and row your way though the sewer maze trying to find the three chaos emeralds. Occasionally, Worm robots will try to get in your way, but they're easy enough to bounce off and doing so will get you good points. If you're on the lowest point of the level, you'll have to watch out for Rexxon, a giant croc-bot that looks similar to Dulcy. Clucks will also try to block your path, but as long as you pay attention to the warnings, it shouldn't be a big problem.

Boss: Scorpius
Once you collect the 3 emeralds, the boss room will open. You'll have to bounce your way to the top of the cavern where Scorpius will be waiting for you. It's really just a giant scorpion looking robot that looks like Eggman. He will move his tail back and forth and if you time your jumps right, you'll be able to get in between his tail and his upper body to hit him several times. Very simple.

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