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Lava Powerhouse
Well the difficulty of the game goes from about 2, to... oh about 8. This boiling hot stage filled with steam and lava (DUH) is pretty hard to navigate though. Dying is the least of your worries as you'll be tossed into the air with steam, pumped up by kangaroos and shot into the air by cannons to break though walls. The hardest part of this stage, is not so much keeping Sonic in the air, but just getting to that spot that you're trying so hard to get into. If you screw up, you'll find yourself back at the bottom of the stage or on the side of the wall that you don't want to be on. The robots Ferron and Cluck will be there to try and stop you, and once again there are a total of three chaos emeralds.

Boss: The Roboboiler
Once again, getting all the emeralds will open up the boss room. This boss really isn't that hard... it's actually just a bunch of Eggman heads inside a boiler that spew lava. Get inside the boiler and bounce around to beat them all.

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