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The Machine
This is actually my favorite stage and I have no idea why. It's a lot bigger than the other two, but for some reason a lot easier and more fun. Basically, Sonic's in a giant machine that's turning animals into robots. Electric currents, rotating flappers, chutes, and moving platforms will keep Sonic rolling for the most. There are also "cells" that you can break open and free the animals inside, but once again, the main goal is getting the five (yes there are five this time) chaos emeralds. Watch out for Buster and Krondor.

Boss: Veg-O Machine (aka the Roboticizer)
This is the horrible machine that's turning all those poor animals into robots. There are two tubes on either side that the animals are dropping the animals into the Veg-O Machine. You have to destroy them first by bouncing off the electric currents and hitting them. Once that task is complete, you can pinball your way inside the machine and destroy it from the inside out (complete with breaking glass and all)

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