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The Showdown
The Showdown is a really fun stage... if you're idea of fun is dying and failing a lot. The volcano is about to erupt and eat up the Veg-O-Fortress and Dr. Robotnik is trying to escape into space. Sonic has to work fast. Fortunately, that's what he's all about. There are several steps to be taken to get each and every one of the five (yes FIVE) chaos emeralds in this stage. Several areas are filled with pits and traps that will send poor Sonic to a fiery death. Other areas have socks that will bounce you the opposite way of which you want to go. Once you finally get all the emeralds, you have to bounce of these balloons (Balloon Mania) to get up to the boss room where a larger than life Dr. Robotnik is.

Boss: Dr. Robotnik
As I said before, Dr. Robotnik is ridiculously large and getting away. This Boss isn't really hard, just annoying as hell. First off, you have to hit a switch at the bottom of cockpit to switch Dr. Robotnik's defenses. He has two defenses: one is a giant robotic arm that will grab you and drop you out of the room; another one is a sock, yes a sock. Dr. Robotnik will catch you in a sock and throw you toward a window (it takes three hits to fall though the window though - but due to the buggy programming, if you keep a direction pressed, you can score all 3 hits on one go). Keep hitting the bottom button until there are no defenses, then fire yourself up to hit the top of the glass cockpit (keep holding DOWN on the dpad so you actually hit Robotnik instead of just looping through the passage).
Eventually, after about 12 hits, Dr. Robotnik will be defeated. Good luck.

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