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Hidden Palace Leftovers
Most people know that the Hidden Palace was cut out of the final version of Sonic 2. But throught the miracle of emulation, we can browse the ROM information and manipulate it. Keep in mind all these screen shots ARE ALL REAL

To open this cut level, here is a zip file containing a savegame in Genecyst/Gens format.

Hidden Palace Zone #1

After tweaking with the debug, I could finish these levels.

Hidden Palace Zone #2
  • To finish these levels from the Genecyst savegames, go trough the objects to the last one. It is the Egg Prison thing. After you hit it, you finish the level.
  • I think i may have found the running water - When I touched this area sonic started going nuts. He moved like he was being carried by something.

Running water area

This is where the tube is located in the beta. But when you drop Sonic in the beta, he doesn't spin down the tube. But in the final version he does. Which proves the current floating ROM copy of the beta was wasn't the last time they worked on the hidden palace.

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