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Sonic 2 Prototype Videos
Sonic 2 commercial (USA)
prototype title screen

Sonic 2 preview video

  • Part #1 - Sonic falls through solid walls in Hill Top Zone after being hurt.
  • Part #2 - Sonic can be seen in a slightly different Chemical Plant Zone, getting stiuck inside a ramp.
  • Part #3 - Sonic getting "hurt twice" by landing on the spikes in Emerald Hill Zone.
  • Part #4 - two player mode, tails has Sonic's life icon
  • Part #5 - Sonic finishes Chemical Plant Zone #2, with no boss in sight.
  • Part #6 - Emerald Hill Zone 2, the boss lowers from the sky, and his cart isn't moving.
Sonic 2 "later prototype"
Later prototype then the current, with hidden palace video footage, and final sonic 2 graphics.

The fabled nick arcade videos!

"Lemme get this straigh yo, this white ass cracka over here is gonna let your jive ass play a
Sonic 2 prototype? He be one dumb mothafucka! Cause you suck beeeyooooocth!"

Video #1, young girl losses patheticly while other ugly child looks on.
Video #2, the cast of Clarissa Explains it all, with Mellisa Joan Hart sucking ass at the Prototype Sonic 2.

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