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Från:Bobby Tribble (
Ämne:Sonic 2: Missing levels
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Datum:1992-12-24 02:03:30 PST

Okay, to start off, I don't endorse game copiers at all and wouldn't be posting
a message related to them unless I thought it was IMPORTANT. That out of the
way, I'll start...

A while ago, my friend with a MGH got a buncha discs of games (piracy, tsk tsk)
from one of his friends. One of those was a prototype version of Sonic 2.
After playing a while, I wondered if the old Sonic 1 level skip trick would
work. It did. It brought a screen much like the first sonic, with selections
for all the levels, bonus level, and sound select (there was no bonus level
programmed in the game yet). I got to play the final version of Sonic 2 today
(I know, the U,D,L,R trick doesn't work on the final one) and could finally
tell the differences between the two (BTW, I got up to the robot Sonic, which I
assume is the second to last boss on the last stage).

First level missing: Hidden Palace Zone (parts one and two)! This stage was
too nice looking and too far along to be yanked from the cart. I'm personally
hoping it's put into the CD version. You might have seen a picture of the
level, the enemies are robotic Rex dinosaurs and bats, and the background is
angular rocks, pulsing green emeralds, and some small waterfalls and more
puslating emeralds in the far background. The music is #03 in the OPTIONS
sound test in the final release version (not used in the normal game, but used
in the vs. mode when you play the cavern level, my fave music, BTW) There are
neat green bridges that glow where you stand on them as you walk across them.
There's also tubes and a 1-up monitor with Tails' picture on it. The level
played until a part where I was trapped between a ramp that was too steep to
walk or dash up and a big green emerald diamond that was blocking a tube. I
tried to jump on it, push it, spin into it, but nothing worked. Level two was
not started.

The other level that I haven't seen mentioned anywhere but is missing:
     Wooden Zone (parts one and two)!
The theme of this level is that you're in a forest in the treetops. There is a
real nice wood effect on the trees. The background is leaves. This level was
barely started, you walk a little, through a log, then to a ramp that leads to
a platform that's blocked! (oh, how I wish the debug mode also worked!) That's
about all that I can say about that level, there weren't any enemies or
anything. The music is the same as that zone in the underground mine.

I don't know anything about the desert level with sand and cactii...It wasn't
in the final release or the pre-release version of Sonic 2 that I played. I
guess it's in a version somewhere in-between the two (anyone have THAT? :)

There are of course other things that are different, some of the music is
changed a little, there are menus to choose the vs mode (not available in the
prerelease version, but shown in the play-self demo screens). Anyhooz, if you
want to know any more, just ask me and I'll try to remember (my friend deleted
the prerelease game since he got the final version).

Also if you want to know anything about Super Shinobi 2, he got that too, but
it was an EARLY EARLY version. I mean barebones... If anyone is REALLY
interested, I can post about that too, but a lot of the stuff will probably
change by the final release...

Bobby Tribble |8')

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