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Game Codes
Level Select
Press up, up, down, down, up, up, up, up during the intro sequence, the one where Sonic slams into the SEGA logo. Should be done while the screen is still black. Note that this code is awesomely hard to do. Should you do it correctly, you will hear a Ring jingle - the Options/Level Select option should appear below 2player mode in the main menu. To exit the level select menu, highlight "Sound test" and press start.

Special Stage Select
Once inside the Level Select menu, set the sound test to any number between 00 to 06 and run Special Stage 2. Or set it to 07 to run a hidden special stage.

Control keys
Once Level Select is activated, you can use these keys: PAUSE, then hit A for soft reset, or B (and hold) for slow motion, or C for frame advance.

Debug Mode
Once you activated Level Select, use A+Start to launch any level from there. You'll be in Debug mode. Exit the level select mode by hitting Start on the Sound Test to get rid of it, since it stucks.

Night Shade mode
Same as above but use C+Start instead of A.

All Chaos Emeralds
To get all Chaos Emeralds, enter the Level Select menu and play the sound test tunes with C in this order: 02, 04, 05, 06. You should the emerald jingle. Now you can zoom through the levels like you already have all emeralds.

Sprite Slide Show
Press and hold C, then enter B ingame, once level select & debug mode have been activated. Your character will cycle through all of his animations. You can use the frame advance (Pause then hit C) to watch them one by one. Press B to resume control.

Time bonus
You get various bonus points for beating the game in various times - the 2 biggest bonuses are for beating the level under 1 minutes (50 000 points, only possible on Angel Island 1 with Super Sonic without the use of cheats), and the second is for completeing a zone with the timer standing on exactly 9 minutes and 59 seconds (exactly 1 seconds before the timeout kills you - this one is worth 100 000 points).

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