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Sonic Surfboard

Animation by kojichao

Download a savestate for it here. (Also used for the 3D Eosian Balls save, Genecyst/Gens GS* format.)

Nemesis, the ROM hacking voodoo wizard, discovered the full animation of sonic surfing:

Here is is, Sonic surfing. (The sonic way off to the left is sonic in object placement mode, I.E. debug mode.) He was also kind enough to make a savegame. Download it here (Genecyst/Gens GS* format.)

But that's not all! oh no! He also found lost patterns dealing with the surfboard by itself!

These could quite possibly be flipping animation sprites.


Nemesis restored the sequence to Sonic 3!
DOWNLOAD THE SAVESTATE(Genecyst/Gens GS* format.)

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