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The 8th Yellow Emerald
In Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles, there are 2 sets of 7 emeralds. However, there's a 8th emerald in both set that can only be found by using the stage select code. This is the Yellow Chaos/Super Emerald

THE CODE 1: In Sonic 3, enter level select (up up down down up up up up while SEGA logo is still black at the start), set the SOUND TEST to 07 and press A+START on "Special Stage 2".

THE CODE 2: In Sonic 3 & Knuckles, enter level select and debug mode (grab the vines in Angel Island and press left left left right right right up up up, then grab the pullies in Mushroom hill and do the same in one session), set the SOUND TEST value to 07 and press A+START on "Special Stage 1" for the Sonic 3 level or "Special Stage 2" for the S&K level.

This is the goddamn impossible special stage of the yellow emerald from Sonic 3
Anyone who can do this stage is either a gaming god or has no eyelids, I'm not kidding ya.

This is the goddamn easy special stage of the yellow emerald from Sonic & Knuckles.

Clear the Sonic 3 one and then the S&K one and you get the Yellow Super Emerald!

Not like it really matters, it doesn't affect gameplay at all =\
It can screw up the Hidden Palace emeralds though - the game still awards you SUPER or HYPER forms after 7 emeralds.

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