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Knuckles in Sonic 3
"What's that timmy? Knuckles fell down the well? He won't be able to make it until the next game?? Fuck that! I'll force him in there!" Yes, that's right, Knuckles is in Sonic 3, kinda. Found by Tom, the badass savestate guru from the mystic mountains of china. He hacked this Savestate here (Gens/Genecyst emu format) to include knuckles. And if that wasn't good enough, TurboKiller, the badass ROM hacking ninja from the vertical planes of tibet figured out how to do it in the game's ROM itself!

Here are TurboKiller's addresses and converted Game Genie codes!
00C4E2:0003 = ASCA-AAHC
00C4F4:7003 = ASCA-BA9Y
Or you can download this IPS patch and attach it to your Sonic 3 ROM

With these you can easily hack Knuckles into the game -or- activate him with a game genie. However, read the rest of the page to find out what happens.....

Yes, this looks like it would be combined, but this is
actually a shot of a lone Sonic 3 ROM image. That
means a little Knuckles info is held on the Sonic 3 Cart.

Once again, looks like it's a legit screen shot, but I
beat the level with Sonic.

Now this is where it gets odd.

still knuckles

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