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S&K Lock-On Crap
Turning 2 ROMs into one. Take a Sonic 3 rom and a S&K rom (BINARY FORMAT) at a dos prompt and type c:\> Copy /b s&k.bin + s3.bin = s3k.bin

The bullshit behind the "lock on" technology: Sonic 3 and Sonic & Knuckles were made as one game, then split. The result was when locking the game onto another Sonic game was a reaction to the S&K binary. When locked onto Sonic 3, it would take the info from sonic 3, combine it into one game. When the 2 are combined, it's one big game. When Combined with Sonic 1 it reacts to the product code located in the games binary to cause the special stages. But this has nothing to do with the lock on. Go ahead and combine it with a garbage ROM. But change the garbage ROM's product code to match Sonic 1s' product code. It will have the same effect.

Sonic 2 bullshit. The sonic 2 lockon has very little to do with the actual S&K rom. The S&K cart had an extra ROM chip on the board that acted like a patch for Sonic 2. You can download this ROM image here. It's not playable. It's like trying to play a ips patch in an emulator.

When combined with Sonic 2, Knuckles can recieve a 1-up from the tails box in the hidden palace.

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