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Hidden Screens
By entering these sounds in the sound test (Down, Down, Left, Right, A at the title screen), the following screens will be shown:

FM46, PCM12, DA25 (MIYAKE3.BMP on Sonic CD PC)
Drawn by Takumi Miyake (Landscape and Visual Designer for Sonic CD)

This wierd pic, it seems to be "Batmanish"

FM42, PCM04, DA21 (SANPEI3.BMP on Sonic CD PC)
Drawn by Masahiro Sanpei

Sonic anime doll? It Says "Yu A Ku Ru, by Sanchanzu"

FM44, PCM11, DA09 (NISIMUR3.BMP on Sonic CD PC)

Translation: Enjoy, Sega Enterprises, drawn by Madin

FM42, PCM03, DA01 (HOSHIN3.BMP on Sonic CD PC)
Drawn by Kazuyuki Hoshino (Sonic CD Character Designer)

M.C. Sonic.

FM40, PCM12, DA11 (YAMA_L3.BMP and YAMA_R3.BMP on Sonic CD PC)
Drawn by Yasushi Yamaguchi (Judy Totoya)

Tails?? This was hidden, but I believe he was supposed to be found. I think it was supposed to entice you into buying Sonic 2. Unfortunately, Sonic 2 came out before Sonic CD. The dune buggy is most likely a reference to Sonic Drift, in which tails drives a buggy that is basically identical to this one.

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