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Missing Special Stage
There was one extra time emerald, according to a friend of mine (a former Sega [europe, SOE] QA tester). If you got them all, TV's would appear with an "S" on them where the ring TVs where located. You can find these in the debug, and in the debug of other sonic games.
This is the "Super Sonic" TV. If you hit it, you would become Super Sonic. He also told me that in his beta all super sonic did was become invincible and fast.
The leftover level can be accessed through a code. This has been confirmed by both the 5/10 and 7/12 Sonic CD betas, as both have S monitors already placed in some levels.

To play the secret level, enter the Sound Test menu (Down, Down, Down, Left, Right, A on the title screen), then set all 3 items to 07 and press Start.

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