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Amy in Chaotix!

Amy in Chaotix! Kojichao, with her artistic eye, can spot out colors pretty easily. She managed to make this chart for the pallets in Chaotix and Crackers. One of them was an unknown pink palette. When applied to an Amy image, this is the result:

(Regular, then Chaotix palettes)

Then, with Nemesis's art decompressor, Iceknight found this:

Undoubted proof of Amy in Chaotix!

After this discovery, it was discovered that Amy's graphics load in during the sound test. It wasn't until Sasuketea, a member of the forums, mentioned that an emulation bug in the emulator AGES 0.29a can actually cause her to come back out.

Picture credit of SpinelSun.

There she is, and she has actual probrammed actions too. She moves around and dances to the music!

But once again, the discoveries never stop, and it was soon discovered that there was a code to enable this. the following code was hacked out of Chaotix by Esrael!

At the color test screen in the options menu, change the following colors on the left side of the screen:

This hidden code makes Amy appear during the Sound Test on the properly emulated game and retail cart.

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