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Debug Mode

Chaotix Debug Mode

Rahan Akero took these pictures of the debug mode in Knuckle's Chaotix. The original URL is here. (NOW GONE).

Stage Select menu

2 Espios inside of an X/Y location mode

Character select, including a "removed character".

Emulated Debug

There's a code to enable debug, as found by Esrael while hacking the ROM. Enter the color test in the options menu, and put in the following as seen in this screenshot:

Thanks to Stealth, we also have a patch to play Debug in Chaotix and research shit there. Here are some findings.

Stage Select

Missing Character selected

I present the hidden character! I have dubbed him "Wechnia", because he's white and uses knuckles sprites. And according to Kojichao: He uses mighty's pallette.
He is the 2nd chracter in the selection list, with mighty being the first. Therefore, I believe our friend Wechnia here was tails at one time. Wechnia also uses Mighty's move set as well. (sticking to the wall)

the x/y system.

If you Set the "Place" to "Not Used" and "Level" to "0" you get the Credits.
If you set Place to "World Entrance" and "Level" to "2" you get the final battle with Metal Sonic.


According to Starwolf UK: "I got one of those character swap monitors (so I was espio the cpu was knuckles while before it was vice versa) and just before it expired I initiated the boss battle. For some reason it swaped the characters but not the palettes leaveing knuckles with the espio palette"

w00t. This is actually a fairly common bug with Chaotix.

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