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World Entrance

Not exactly a complete stage, the World Entrance serves as a simple place to select your partner and stage of play. Through the Combi-catcher, a surreal UFO Catcher type of device, one can change their partner to any of the starting characters, plus the additional useless 'bots; Bomb and Heavy. After this, it's on to the world select, a warped version of the roulette system, where by hitting the bumper, you'll stop the light on a certain stage, and off you go. Both processes can be made easier by collecting various items within the free-fall special stages. The time of day also changes between dawn, daytime, sunset, and night each time you enter. Whichever time of day you have here, will also affect the time of day within a zone upon leaving. Once finished with all five levels of each area, you battle Metal Sonic here. Defeat him to move on to his much larger version, and the end of the game.

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