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Amazing Arena

This mutated Fun House starts out without much power, and in a dull, grey, darkness. It's your job to find the large power switch, kindly pointed out to you by a large graphic that appears periodically, before you'll be able to complete the stage. Once the lights are on, the stage goes technicolor much like the rest of the game, and new paths open up. Be sure to enter the large audio-visual rooms, where you'll be attacked by a jumbo-sized Robotnik hologram on the screen, which attempts to defeat you with flailing limbs, hit the floating head repeatedly to defeat it. Beat it before the time-limit expires, and get some additional power-ups.

Dr. Robotnik's on the assault in a final audio-visual room, where enemies that appear on the giant screen, will become reality. The evil Doctor's floating about in a large green contraption, that will attack with homing arms. Be sure to avoid his rotating sphere-shield to attack him.

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