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Mean Bean Machine

Also on: Master System, Game Gear, Palm, 9 billion others (as Puyo Puyo)

Wow. Sega marketing at it's WORST. The afternoon cartoon series, Adventures of Sonic The Hedgehog, was used to ruin this wonderful puzzle game called Puyo Puyo. Starring Robotnik and his metal friends of various shapes, sizes and sexual orientation, this game is actually one of the more fun and addictive Sonic based games, no credit to Sonic Team.

The goal of the game is simple: get 4 of the same colored falling blobs (beans) stick together, and make them disappear. The more you blow up this way, the more "junk" falls into the opponents playfield. Once the opponents screen is filled up, you won a match. Unfortunetaly, while recoding the game for the USA, they did not correct a few glaring faults, such as the ridiculously overpowered, instantly reacting AI. Because of this, single player mode is just way too hard - playing against a friend is the meat of the game.

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