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Sonic Eraser

During Sega's 16 bit days, they had an attachment that failed almost yearly. One of them wasn't released outside Japan, which was the Megadrive modem. With this turd of an attachment, lucky Japanese Megadrive owners could play games with people across the country, and even download games only for it! One of those games was Sonic Eraser. The unknown second Sonic game. Unknown until a few researchers decided it was time to unearth this fucker.

How that happened you ask? GAMEHOMPO is the answer my main man. See, SEGA is always looking for a quick buck nowadays, and so they used an online pay only download service in japan that allowed you to play Megadrive games on your PC. Of course this was just a stripped version of GENS with encrypted ROMs. Among the many Megadrive games, Gamehomo also had some of the old Seganet modem games for download. Like Sonic Eraser. The rest is history.

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