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Sonic Blast

The Game Gear was more or less fading into oblivion, but SEGA felt they could give Sonic one last round on the handheld. This was in the form of Sonic Blast, a 2D title released in 1996. For this title, SEGA decided to focus more on graphics than actual gameplay, resulting in a horrible game overall. All of the sprites in the game were graphically rendered in an attempt to give the game a more 3D interface. Sadly, the plan backfired, as the sprites looked nothing more than overly large, odd-looking pieces of junk. The stages themselves appeared to be more detailed than your average 8-bit Sonic game, but SEGA struggled so hard to give them a 3D outlook that they resulted in looking nothing more than awkward.

Sonic Blast's gameplay left much to be desired. The player had a choice of playing as one of two characters: Sonic or Knuckles. Both characters had their own unique abilities and attributes: Sonic could perform the "double jump", and Knuckles could climb walls as well as glide. While these abilities would appear to be innovative at first glance, these exact moves were found in Sonic 3 and Knuckles. The game itself contained your average Sonic platforming elements, but the game ran incredibly slow, thus making Blast even more awkward, considering Sonic games are known for their speed. Like most Sonic games, Sonic Blast featured Special Stages. Either Sonic or Knuckles, depending on who the player chose, were placed in a sad-excuse-for-3D world, where the objective was, of course, to collect the Chaos Emeralds.

Sonic Blast was eventually ported to the Sega Master System, like many Game Gear Sonic games. However, no improvements were made to this rendition (it would have been a futile effort, anyway), and the game managed to even look and play worse. Sonic Blast was a horrid game, and is arguably one of the worst Sonic games to date.

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