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Sonic R

It had been more than two years since the Saturn's US launch, and things weren't looking good for Sega. The new kid to the indurtsy, Sony, and their system, the Playstation, had taken the market by storm, surprising both Nintendo and Sega, who had long been at war only with each other. Sonic, the blue dude who embodied everything cool about Sega, had appeared twice on the Saturn, first in the weak 3D Blast redux, and second in the better but still lacking Sonic Jam. Much news was being released about a new killer Sonic game called X-treme, but there was no sign of a release date. A stronger game featuring their mascot was needed. Instead, Sega made a very bad decision.
That decision became Sonic R, a racing game featuring Sonic and company, on feet and in vehicle. Like most of the badly made Sonic games, the premise sounds good in planning: Sonic is a speedy character, a racing game seems only logical. Terrible control, bad graphics, and short gamespan all came in to the mix to throw the game off, however. The game had a few cool unlockables, but many people didn't have the patience to bother with them. It had obviously been inspired by Mario Kart, which had proven to be wildly successful on the Super Nintendo years before. Yet in everything Mario Kart excelled at, Sonic R failed, especially in multiplayer mode which many people considered to be the best part of Mario Kart. The game's soundtrack was completely vocal, which would have been fine if the songs weren't psuedo-pop love songs. The songs have since found a cult popularity among fans, especially "Can You Feel The Sunshine."
The fans who actually bought Saturns were still clinging to the hope that Sega would come through with an excellent new Sonic game. Many of them bought Sonic R thinking this would be it, only to be disappointed. The game was overlooked by most everyone else. It is considered to be the lowest point in Sonic's career.

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