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Sonic R Taikenban

Sonic R Taiken Ban

Image from Madroms' collection.

Or in japonese, ソニックR 体験版 aka Sonic R personal experience edition or some shit like that (update: according to Spinelsun, it means "Trial Version" exactly). Basically a TRIAL version of the game with 1 stage only. Note that the game was already released everywhere by the time they released it in japan, so there are no prototype shit in this game, its just a one-level demo. Thanks (a big one) to the saturn isojesus MADROMS, I managed to obtain a digital copy of it to check it myself. Also to post some horrible emu screenshots from it here and stuff as i don't have a Saturn, even if that other site sponsored by the assbleed hero beat me to it due to the shit going off with the forums in december (thank a fucking lot AJ, now its all mine but no one visits at all).



Why couldn't they make still pictures in hires?

AWESOME title screen with Trial Version text. You can still mess with the R logo with the buttons.

From the title screen you are warped straight to the char select.

L/R buttons can still mess with the characters, making them mega sized

or midgets

AWESOME spinning sonic head loading gfx

Steve, if you are reading this, please make a GOOD Saturn emu that doesn't have missing graphics (like the ground here) all over.


This is how you spend most of the tracks given the crappy controls

Someone tell me if this screen looks like this on any of the finals

there can only be one


bitchslapped and now your slave complete with collar and leash (aka unlocked)

misc notes:
- You can get the Chaos Emerald on the track too even tho it has no potential use.
- The game will forget if you got the Chaos Emerald, you can pick it up again on the next race
- Unlike the emerald, Metal Sonic however will stay, and the sonic coins vanish.
- Robotnik is playable if you hack the iso (got no clue how to do it, but all you have to do is remove the X or change the player slots).
- The other secret chars may have been removed, along with the rest of the level info (if they were stored there to begin with)
- the game doesn't save to the SRAM. I could've imagined some shit like the stuff you unlock here you already have in the final but I guess SEGA can't make bonus shit like that anymore.
- The onyl audio tracks in there are the ones that the game uses (title screen, menu music, resort island track, stage start, stage end, results, results + emerald, and that 1up tune, i don't remember where it is used), the rest of them have been nuked. no karaoke tracks.

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