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Sonic Mega Collection

During their spree of shitty rehashes and even shittier ports, SEGA decided on a project. They recently had created a sega Genesis/Sega CD emulator for the Nintendo Gamecube. Unfortuatly, no one seemed interested in this emulator. Due to lower level management suggestions, an email was fired to Sonic Team about this project. A few tests of various roms and Sonic Team wanted it. It began as nothing more then a black screen with a list of the games, with an arrow the user could move up and down. After a while, they tryed to create a small graphical menu, and add Sonic CD. And this is where the nightmare began. The SEGA CD portion of the emulator was so piss poor it couldn't run Sonic CD. So they worked on it over and over and over. But they could not make it work. Yuji Naka, attempting to not look like a complete asshole stated that Sonic CD was removed due to space issues. This however, wasn't true. The reality of the fact was, they wanted to use the ADX format for the audio tracks for Sonic CD, when it had originally was using one of the Gamecube's compression formats. Appearently they couldn't get the audio working with the gamecube format. They atempted recoding the Sega Cd emulator, but they just didn't have the time to do it and make their quarter earning reports. So Sonic CD was lost once again to the realm of Sega CD and cheap, old PCs. Sonic Mega Collection is the 3rd console based collection of Sonic Games, and honestly doesn't stand up to the Saturn's Sonic Jam. Also, due to the lack of knowledge on Sega's part, a majority of the Comic scans were photoshopped to shit out of fear of being sued. All in all, it was a disappointment. It's saving grace was the appearance of Ristar. Ristar is one of the last platformers worth playing on the Sega Genesis. The Japanese version included 2 extra games, including Comix Zone and The Ooze.

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