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Sonic Heroes

Platform: Playstation 2, Gamecube, Xbox

Rumors about the new Sonic game started well over a year before the game was actually released. After two rehashes on the Gamecube, Sonic needed to appear in a new adventure, and fast. From this came Sonic Heroes, a game with (yet again) a new twist on gameplay.

Instead of controlling one character, you are put in charge of a team of three, each of which has a different generalized ability: speed, flying, and power. Each of these abilities is needed throughout the level, to get past obstacles and destroy enemies. The game crams twelve playable characters into four separate teams. Despite this new concept, it's obvious that the designers looked to the original Sonic games for inspiration in level design and gameplay elements. You'll hear classic sound effects from Casino Night and Mushroom Hill, among others.

Heroes was Sonic's first multi-platform foray, being released for three systems. All three versions are basically identical, eith minor changes made only for optimisation. Most fans generally lean towards the Gamecube vesion, however. The game has met with mixed reviews, mostly a love it or hate it opinion. It is unanimously agreed that it's a step in the right direction for Sonic, and many hope that it is a sign of a good future for Sonic

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