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Character Name: Sonic
Type: Speed
Good: Rocks the party that is the party
Bad: Is known to be quick in bed as well
Character Name: Tails
Type: Fly
Good: Loyal
Bad: Transgender
Character Name: Knuckles
Type: Power
Good: Pointed knuckles
Bad: Tiny penis
Character Name: Amy Rose
Type: Speed
Good: wears short skirt
Bad: Wears panties
Character Name: Big the Fatass Cat
Type: Fat, I mean power
Good: Nothing
Bad: fat as fuck and stupid too.
Character Name: Cream
Type: Fly
Good: The star of my wet dreams
Bad: Nothing, she is perfect in every way.
Character Name: Shadow
Type: Speed
Good: Badass attitude
Bad: Has been known to pretend he is his everquest alter-ego "Dinky the Dodgeful Dwarf"
Character Name: Rouge The Bat
Type: Fly
Good: Big Ol' titties
Bad: Those big ol' titties aren't on Cream.
Character Name: E-123 OMEGA
Type: Power
Good: Looks like a badass
Bad: Looks like a badass trashcan
Character Name: Espio
Type: Speed
Good: Changes colors
Bad: his normal color is pink
Character Name: Vector
Type: Power
Good: He lost his walkman for his new headphones
Bad: His new headphones play nothing but Kenny G
Character Name: Charmy
Type: Fly
Good: Can sting the fuck out of you
Bad: closet homosexual

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