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Music oddity
During the run up to the Release of Sonic Rush, SEGA Europe put up videos on their website, which are still there:

This video features the newer, better music used in Sonic Rush's actual game. It's basically just the same version of the videos shown in the first video but here's the kicker. During the Desert stage (I forgot it's name) it plays Altitude Limmit's music. You're probably thinking "so what?" but some of you may remember the MP3s up on the American Sonic Rush site. They where labbled things like "desert" "boss" and stuff. Well, the "desert" MP3 was this:
Download "Desert" MP3"

It's altitude limmit's music. Either this is a coincidence that the video here has the music playing just at the desert scene and then the incorrect naming of this MP3 on the US site is yet to be seen, but putting two and two together makes me believe that the music was oroginally the music for the desert stage. Yet again the video uses a vararity of music... Another Graphical differance I see is that when the bug at the end explodes, there's a lot more smoke that comes off than in the final and that the ball never releases it's "spike" thing which it does a LOT during the final hit on Easy or on Medium difficulties. Most likely because it just wasn't implimented at this time.

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