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Prototype - Final
During development of Sonic Rush, changes were made to the game in many ways. Mainly cosmetic. These changes were hugely to do with sound, you can watch early videos of the game with older music on SEGA Europe's website here:

From these videos the obvious change here is:

Proto - Final

It's also obvious that in the video, as well as there being a different titles, there's also different music playing through the 1st level. Which is the track "Blaze appear" which is much shorter in the final of Sonic Rush and played when Blaze shows up for that one magical story scene.

Proto stills

Sonic Sliding down water slide in Water Palace, Sonic is outside the funnel where as in the final he is over-lapped by the edge of the funnel and there's no water-being-pushed effect around Sonic's feet.

Blaze in assorted areas of levels. Noteibly in the last image here the top of the loop in Leaf Storm is different in the final. And if it really needs pointing out, she has Sonic's life icon, which is not uncommon for Sonic games during development.

You try finishing a boss like this.

HUD is mostly different for the most-part. Text over-laps each other a buit, see the HUD. The HUD also uses a different front to that used in the final game.

HUD difference

Old HUD and in an unknown area of Mirage Road.

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