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Prototype Screenshots

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- Tropical Jungle

What's the problem here you ask? Well... Sonic's eyes. His eyes are apparently green, just you have to look carefully. They're also nothing like the final's eyes.

Same as above

I don't recall any of these breakable gates in Sonic's story.

missing elise.

All using Sonic's weird-green eye model, all not holding elise and most in unknown parts of Tropical Jungle.

- Crisis City:

Sonic's opening part: Sonic should be boarding here. If you think the board is hidden due to bad clipping, you're wrong. Sonic puts his back fully to the camera on the board when grinding, here he is doing is usual grinding pose.

Sonic in unknown part of Crisis City with robots. (Final has got those lava-mosters)

Unknown part of Crisis City once again with robots instead of monsters.

Same as above.

No part of Crisis City is on fire like this and in the final, Crisis City looks a lot brighter than what this screen lets on. Also, there's no parts of Crisis City which uses 3 springs side-by-side, these are usually upward-pointing speed-ramps.

Doesn't happen. Let's on that Sonic has just burst out of a wall or something similar.

Sonic does his "get ready to run" pose. Of course, this doesn't happen because the part starts off as Sonic runs away from the tornado. Also, the Xbox 360 version at least doesn't have the dust effect sprawning from the bottom of the flame tornado. And also the tornado looks different in the final.

Sonic running along a car, this never should happen since Sonic should just jump off this car onto another object to help him progress forwards.


Springs, in the final these springs aren't here because Sonic just uses his "jump onto next object" manuver here. Maybe the reason that's so buggy is because of the time it was added into the game. Makes sense to me, although Crisis City seems to be one of the places the jump-wall-to-wall works best so...

Sonic grinding, here he should be flying across the stage while the walls explode. Here, Sonic is grinding instead.

Same as above.

Once again, darkended Crisis City with robots.

- Kingdom Valley:

Blue skied Kingdom Valley, the final has a over-cast sky.

Blue skies and where's the rings down this part of the pathway?

Blue skies, oddly placed torch which isn't lit.

How did sonic get there? Not only is the bridge completly missing, but also the rings to do a light dash to the rope is intact. Also, the robot which you use to smash the bridge down is there as well.


- Crisis City


- Vs. Mephilis Phase 1

Mephilis isn't seen very well on the floor, but looks much different in the final. Also, Mephilis mimics Shadow more like a Shadow than what he's doing here.


- Crisis City

How cheap. The original fire-tornado was litterally... A tornado on fire. It may help explain some parts of Sonic's Crisis City, what with the air bit, the tornado was once what it was, a normal tornado and so the bit in-air was just a slip-stream of the tornado, bringing Sonic closer and closer to it. Of course, not much of Next made sense part-to-part so...

Obligatory robot screen shot.

Robots and cheap tornado.

E3 2005 - Closed door video.
This video was part of SEGA's "Next Gen Preview" video line up at E3 2005. This promo was and has remained offically undistributed outside that event but thanks to the sneaky, brave souls who managed to sneak a camera inside, we got cam footage of the entire presentation. I'll have to try and dig up the said video again sometime and upload it, but here's some screens which were on the offical Sonic Team site until the "Sonic The Hedgehog" webpage appeared around the time of E3 2006.

TGS 2005 - Technical Demo
This demo, featured at E3 2005 has videos around of it, this demo is about as glitchy as the final product but twice as fast. Whether it's because they're on power-house homegrown dev boxes, or they just made the game like a fucking Sonic game back then, I don't know. But all I know is, I want grinding to be that fast in the final. Also other key points of interest is that the game has a "debug" feature, where the presentor saves Sonic from falling through the floor by moving him up and also the game's day/night engine is shown off here. As much as a day/night feature probably would have been a hinderance for non-earth levels and probably would slow the xbox 360 down to shit while it re-calculated shadows (most slowdown in the 360 and PS3 game is from the console rendering shadows on-the-fly. Which is probably one of the biggest and most annoying left overs from the older version.
As such, note the below screens of a sunny Kingdom Valley:

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