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Silver Concept Art
It's no secret that Silver went through a few redesigns during development of Sonic the Hedgehog. He also underwent a name change from "Venice" (which was the main inspiration for Solleanna) to "Silver". Many models in the game and the Xbox 360 Marketplace demo still refer to him as Venice.

Near-final Silver. His spines originally went back into his head when not using psycho kenisis. I suppose this was to make him more stream-lined for speed. What the hell happened there?

a more "futuristic" silver. Speaks for itself here, he looks like he was meant to be the bad-ass they tried to make him out to be in the final, but failed miserably.

Sonic Underground called, it wants it's poor character design back.

This concept design was hidden in the Sonic Nextgen script. It was apparently made in July of 2005. Silver sports a gold mane and some very psychedelic eyes.

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