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Game Script
Back in September of 2006, I was given the script Sonic Next by a game tester in the UK. This script contains not only all the dialog used in the game, but some interesting character bios. It also servers as a good example on how Sega organizes their game development as far as stuff like character development goes. Additionally, the renewal_points tab, which is basically a change log of the script, shows that Silver originally had the name "Venice," a city in Italy which Soleana is largely based off of, and Elise originally had the name "Oliga."
The script is in Excel format, and contains Japanese characters. To view those characters, you'll need to enable Japanese support on your computer. If you don't have anything to view XSL files, such as Microsoft Office or OpenOffice, you can get the Excel Viewer located here.

Download the game script here!

To access different areas of the script, use the tabs at the bottom, shown in this screenshot:

If all else fails, I converted the script into PDF format, which can be located here, but I don't recommend it.

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