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Sonic Jam

There was a time when anticipation for Sonic on the Saturn was very high...Sonic X-Treme was to be the "next big thing" in the series; showcasing the Saturn's amazing capabilities in conjunction with the absolute genius and wonder that is a Sonic game... But, leave it to the tight-ass Sonic Team of Japan to pull the plug on THAT, and thus leave all of us out there without anything to grab on to as we fell into a veil of disappointment unmatched by any other game cancellation.

Memories aside...Sonic Team themselves just could NOT come up with a good, original, 3D Sonic game to suit the need... so instead, they simply toss together the first 4 Sonic games on Genesis, along with a snazzy little 3D play area for added "goodies", and hope that it will suffice for their absurdly poor judgement in killing off X-Treme. didn't. But never the less, we get not only a throwback to our old favorites, but also a surprisingly fun (albeit small) playfield with quite a selection of things to do.

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