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Sonic World

Selecting "Sonic World" brings you to the 3D part of the game

Within Sonic World, there is much you can do. There are challenges, there are areas with goodies like a Sound Test, a video theatre, character artwork, history and so forth... On top of the bonus material, you can also do most of the typical "Sonic" things that you would find in the regular, jump, springpads, etc. It's actually a pretty decent 3D engine, and although they didn't implement a spin dash, I'm sure something similar could have worked for X-Treme...

Assorted Sonic World images


Outside of Sound Test building - includes all Sonic games on the disc, and music from Jam.

Artwork Gallery - tons of assorted pictures of Sonic and friends.

Character artwork building - Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, assorted animals; and the other half of the building is Robotnik and some assorted badniks.

Outside of the Hall of Fame building - documents the history of Sonic from conception prior to Sonic 1 on Genesis through Sonic 3D Blast

Outside of Movie Theatre - assorted clips featuring Sonic, from the Sonic CD intro and ending, a preview of the Sonic OVA, a couple never before seen simple animations, and a bunch of Japanese commercials.

Hint Box - one of the 7 within Sonic World, each one has a code for one of the Sonic games on the disc...well...Sonic 1 and Sonic 2 at least.

Mission List - a red and white panel brings up a list of objectives you have to complete. Each time you complete them within a given timeframe, you open the next one down. It's fun to better your own times :) Once you have beaten all objectives, a large warp ring appears next to the waterfall...when you jump into it, you're greeted with the credits.

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