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Here is the difference between the US and Jap title screens, US is on the left, and Jap is on the right.

US game selection screen, Jap screen, and PAL screens.

For each game, there is a menu... Gamestart gives Normal, Easy, Original, and Saved Game ("Easy" and "Normal" have numerous changes throughout each level in EVERY game, I'm not documenting them, BUT it does make for interesting gameplay once you've mapped out EVERYTHING in the Original mode in your head). Extra Game gives a Time Attack mode for each act and level, and then you can also do Special Stage trails. The Option menu brings up two things, Digital Manual (in which you can read either the US or the Japanese manual for whichever game you've selected) and then Time Out (which lets you set it so that if you go over the 9 minute 59 second time limit, it doesn't kill you.
What these two pics are demonstrating are the THIRD option that is only given on Sonic 1... the option of having a Spin Dash or not... with it enabled, there are also some other odd changes...

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