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Prototype Screenshots
Sonic in a different shower
Sonic in Sand Hill, complete with debug mode on
An unknown flying dragon in a sky chase zone
Lost world prototype level
Red Mountain prototype tornado
Red Mountain prototype background? (update : thats the same BG as from windey valley)
Sonic snowboarding with weird numbers in the upper right
and again
The proto tornado again
Sonic inside the proto tornado?
very different trampoline
Sonic bouncing off it.
a different wind valley with blue springs
blue springs again
Prototype city
the docks have no Dash Panels

The plane never landed safely on the Egg Carrier, plus it was in it's turbo form, not the regular one shown here.
Obviously the part right after Emerald Coast, but aren't there supposed to be some chairs and tables and stuff around?
Tails in unknown sky level
Tails in unknown sky level again
Tails in unknown level, possibly Wind Valley part #1
tails in an unknown area

Knuckles in front of a very different Casino
A cowgirl in the casino? Very odd.
Where the heck is this?! Mystic Ruins obviously but... at first I thought it was on top of the temple, but the area he's standing on is too big.. hmm..
Knuckles in a strange Egg Carrier.
Knuckles in "Leading Lights".
Knuckles' lost uppercut move.

You can't see it very well here, but...
...there's Froggy, hopping along beside Big. Say, wasn't the point of Big's game to FIND Froggy?
Big in some unknown beach area, possibly wind valley.
Big in unknown area, facing some type of building. Possibly Wind Valley
Big in unknown area, possibly Wind Valley. Froggy is visible next to him.

E-102 in a very different hotel lobby.
Gamma fighting an unknown robot on the bridge of the Egg Carrier
Weren't they all different colors in the final? Or maybe the quality of the video was really bad...
Isn't this that long lost Windy Valley beta level? O-o? Could be. It's definitely not in the final. And check out those light blue textures. Arrows? Or dinosaur tracks? ... ... Don't you dare say a word about Time Travel. =P
More of that "lost level." In the video, E-102 is targeting some things (which don't have the numbers or boxes around them) and there's a badnik directly in front of him that, although I can't see it very well, doesn't look like one I've ever seen before

This is probably just due to the bad quality of the video, but I don't see Amy holding her bird, do you?
Amy in an unknown area
Amy in an another unknown area
Amy playing the whack game, with no score info
The E-101 and Big screens are both in unknown areas.

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