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More Prototype Screenshots

Chao Garden - Early versions of the Chao Garden...

Chaos 2 - Room looks darker and is empty.

Chaos 0 - Cop cars are in different positions.

Chaos Battle (hi res)

And what the hell is this helicopter doing here?

Casinopolis - different shower and Sonic isn't performing the proper animation.

Casinopolis - Cowgirl isn't in the final.

Emerald Coast - Sonic's doing his pose in the middle of the level.

Emerald Coast - Different camera angle.

Emerald Coast - No speed boosts on the bridge with the whale chase scene.

Egg Carrier - Hedgehog Hammer's menu is different.

Egg Carrier - Tails is jumping onto his unharmed plane which normally crashes onto the Egg Carrier.

Egg Carrier - The E-Series robots with similar textures.

Egg Carrier - Eggman and Sonic confront with a different camera angle.

Egg Carrier - Big in a slightly different looking Egg Carrier interior.

Egg Carrier - Knuckles also inside a different looking interior (high res)

Egg Carrier - Sonic in a different looking "captain's room."

Final Egg - Amy is being chased by Zero in a hazard-less Final Egg.

Hot Shelter - Amy doing her character select animation in the level.

Ice Cap - Sonic standing on a different panel.

Sonic trickboarding in Icecap (anigif)

Ice Cap - Sonic doing tricks not present in the final.

Ice Cap - Tails in an unfamiliar part of Ice Cap with lots of trees obstructing the path.

Ice Cap - Sonic walking on a bridge that can't be accessed in the final...

Lost World - Slightly different looking Lost World.

Lost World - These fire arrows aren't here in the final.

CG Movies - This Chaos Emerald scene doesn't play in the final.

CG Movies - Neither does this scene with the exception of it making a slight appearance at the end of the intro movie.

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