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Even MORE prototype screenshots

Red Mountain - Different textures and bridge.

Red Mountain - Knuckles doing an uppercut.

Red Mountain -

Sky Chase - A two-headed dragon!

Sky Chase - When do they take this dive?

Speed Highway - Blue van isn't in the final and the background showing up where buildings should be...

Speed Highway - Big hole that's removed from final.

Speed Highway - Sonic runs down a building void of helicopters and objects.

Speed Highway - Tails and Sonic going through slightly different versions of Speed Highway.

Station Square - What the hell are these people doing here?

Station Square - The people don't interact in the final...

Station Square - These many people never appear on-screen at once in the final.

Unknown - Uhh..

Windy Valley - This level is completely different in the final...

Windy Valley - These scene is from the final. It's from early on in Amy's game where she recollects of being saved by Sonic... The prototype Windy Valley is clearly visible.

Amy around a group of people.

Odd pinball table area

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