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Debug Mode

These are screenshots of the debug mode in SA.

Debug Menu 1.0

Debug Menu 1.1

Codes made & tested for Code Breaker 198 version or higher!
ALSO NOTE: These codes ONLY work on Code Breaker DC/Xploder DC!

Courtesy of MangoMan

For Sonic Adventure DX, the Debug code works differently than the Dreamcast version. It's not really as great either. Here's all of the changes I noticed with this code enabled:

- When sonic is running, a white "collision sphere" is drawn around him
- Sometimes the "death areas" (where you can fall and die) are lit up in white..
- On the adventure fields, the Ring counter is always visible.

Here is the Action Replay Code


In Sonic Adventure DX: PC A debug mode that can be activated by setting 03B29D08 to "1" (Japanese Only).
The new debug mode, lets you fly in all directions without collision (in most cases)

It shows collision hulls, certain hulls just block, but some push you in a certain direction. Those are now indicated by a block and an arrow.

All NPC's are shown, active or not. Inactive ones have no shading.

More collision hulls, Switchable rings shown with a white sphere

There seem to be about 4 actual whales, one for each bend. Some are upside-down in debug mode.

If you go into a kill zone in debug mode, you don't die, but the camera stays put.

Any object with specific properties that can be displayed, have said properties displayed..

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