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Other Glitches Part 1

Guide created by RattleMan. If you have any questions, please visit the Glitches Forums

This is a list of basic glitches found in Sonic Adventure. The
following glitches have been tested, and should work. The ones I
have tried have worked on the American version of the game. I'm
not sure if they will work on the Japanese version, though. This
isn't a complete list, but it does have several fun-to-try glitches.
Happy Glitching!

This is a section pertaining to other glitches. For the characters
in other levels glitches, move down to section 4.

Read Below.

Difficulty: This explains the difficulty of the glitch.
Requirements: Any thing you absolutely need to perform this glitch.
Character: What character you need to perform this glitch.
Where Preformed: Where the glitch is going to be preformed.

You can rank yourself by the ranks below.

Beginner: People who are just being introduced to SA.
Rookie: You've been playing SA for about 3 weeks or so.
Novice: People who have been playing Sonic Adventure for longer then 8 weeks.
Great Novices, Poor Experts: People who have been playing SA for
longer then 3 months and really know their way around.
Expert: A person who knows SA front and back. They have been playing
for almost a year or more than 9 months.

A. The Plug

Difficulty: Easy-Medium
Requirements: Life Belt
Character: Big
Where Preformed: Hot Shelter

I found out something cool in the Hot Shelter as Big. First,
use the emergency water valve to drain the water. Swim around
near the top of the water and you'll find an opening, go in it.
Swim to the top and go in another opening. There is a hole and a
computer-sign that says "WARNING! There is a plug in the center.
Be careful not to trip over it." You can open it! First, put your
lure near the plug, on the bottom of the floor and reel as if you
were going to get the plug. Then, if your lure gets stuck to the
plug, reel and press left or right on the analog stick. It drains
the water! Then, go out of the plug room and to the emergency
drainage switch area. The water level is higher! Go straight in
the emergency room to find another opening. Bounce up the bumper
to another opening. Go in it. Walk around till you get to a room
with a kiki (the orange monkey), and there is another computer-sign
that says, "WARNING! The Water is covered with glass. FRAGILE!
Please be careful!" Now, there are over 1500-g fish swimming under
that glass. Stand on the side and fling your lure to make the glass
break. (This may take several tries) Now, I know that whole thing
is for something, but what? Could it have been part of the Hot Shelter
before? Is it a glitch? (Note: The is a point marker near the plug.
Also note that there are new fish in this area. Also note that there
are rings, power sneakers and a kiki. So, the programmers must have
put that there before.)

B. The Super Fishing Hole

Difficulty: Easy
Requirements: Life Belt, lure upgrades are optional.
Character: Big
Where Preformed: Emerald Coast

In Emerald Coast as Big (must have Life Belt), look around until
you find a help ball saying, " There is a secret passage somewhere,
go and find it. " Look at the nearby mountain that is almost
completely under water. Look around for an opening at the bottom
and swim through it. When you surface, you will find a fishing paradise. Have Fun!

C. The Mysterious Ring

Difficulty: Easy
Requirements: NONE
Character: Any Character
Where Preformed: Egg Carrier Chao Garden

First, take any character to the Egg Carrier's Chao Garden. Go to the top
of the rocket and jump down to the chairs. Jump over the chairs a few times
then go out to the sea as far as you can. On the bottom of the sea, you
might see a single ring, out there where you cant get it. Try and fish for
it with Big and you can get a lot of item boxes.

D. The Weird Sound

Difficulty: Easy
Requirements: You are on the left pillar
Character: Any Character
Where Preformed: Station Square

First (after beating everyone's including Super Sonic's Adventure), go beat
Speed Highway with Tails. Then when you've beaten it and you come out where
you fought Chaos 0, look onto the road. You should see two pillars. Fly over
the left one, and you should hear a totally weird sound.

D-2. Confirmed Weird Sound

Difficulty: Information, no difficulty.
Requirements: You are on top of the left pillar
Character: Any Character
Where Preformed: None

The Weird Sound has been confirmed!!!! You can go over the pillar with any
character. You know where the shop is that you come out of after getting the
Light Speed Shoes? Stand on the pillar (after beating speed highway) and watch
as the gates on the shop door come down!!

E. The Magical Grab

Difficulty: Easy
Requirements: A second controller
Character: Sonic
Where Preformed: Casinopolis

In Casinopolis as Sonic, get a few coins, and then go to the Vault.
Get a second controller and put Tails on the button. Then have Sonic
run up and hit the button and then move a little bit away. The arms
grab Sonic even though he isn't on the button!

F. Pass The Limits

Difficulty: Hard
Requirements: Light Speed Dash
Character: Sonic
Where Preformed: Egg Carrier Chao Garden

In the Egg Carrier's Chao Garden, I went on top of the rocket and Spin
Dashed off it as sonic. I landed in the light blue area of the area,
the part where you can't normally go. You can see the ring up close
(see The Mysterious Ring) and if you try to go back onto the beach,
you fall through the mountain to your death. If you try as Tails,
go up on the rocket and jump and try and fly as far as you can out
into the ocean. If the camera gives a sudden jolt, or you see tails
moving while he is flying, hurry and fly back to the ocean in the
little blue part. Land in it. Jump a little off the edge and if you
did it right, you should fall forever...........
Press A, B, X, Y and Start together to exit. IF you fall, you should
see Tails falling and soon a big hole will come and you will go up
through it. When you are out of that hole, you will keep on falling................

G. Tails Falling Through Speed Highway

Difficulty: Easy-Medium
Requirements: Jet Anklet, that you overthrew the distance needed to get into Goin' Down
Character: Tails
Where Preformed: Speed Highway

Do the Tails in Goin' Down and At Dawn bug but instead of landing in the
white thingy, fly straight. You will fall down endlessly until Robotnik
wins, then you will be sitting in Mid-Air!

H. *fan fare* DEBUG MODE!!!!

Difficulty: You need Gameshark for this.
Requirements: GameShark CDX
Character: All Characters
Where Preformed: In the Gameshark CD.



Known Places to Freeze: Speed Highway, Goin Down - last part.
Windy Valley - Getting sucked up by tornado.
Station Square - Doing light speed dash in some places.
When your screen says "WARNING: NEAR-poly is FULL"

This is for people who have a GAME SHARK CDX for DREAMCAST only.

For People with Sonic Adventure v1.0: 1BF40DD4 + 00000000
For People with Sonic Adventure v1.1: 15F40DC5 + 00000000


Change the 00000000 in the game shark code to 00003100. The infinite
time code will be deactivated, and E-102 can go into any level.

I recommend you put in both codes so you don't have to go back
and delete the old one and put in the new one if one of them doesn't work.

Although this just shows like addresses, polygons and such
it may open up new levels! Just think about going to the
BETA Windy Valley or perhaps Big's Fishing hole
(both taken out of final version)! The black things
are parts where doors are, or where you can't get
through. All characters have a white ball around them
most of the time. If you move up to an object, you can
see how it is blocking you from going somewhere.

Specials With EVERYONE In Debug:

There are words such as HIT_CAPSULE_SIDE, HIT_CAPSULE_TOP,
UP, SIDEOUT and NONE. Some have arrows that point to the
object that is making those words. When you go into the
warp for the Egg Carrier Chao Garden through the E-G-G-M-A-N
password, you will see a ball inside the teleporter moving
at a very fast pace. When teleporting to another Chao garden
you will see the words UBNE. Almost every object will have a
ball/dome around it when you come near it. The graphics below
the game area are all white until you fall through it, indication
that you have died. In some places, there is a warning that comes up.
It says and I quote: WARNING: NEAR-poly is FULL. This must mean
that there are too many polygons near the character.

I have found out what "poLMAX", "obj" and "colbuf" are. Polmax
is the maximum polygons to be drawn. Obj is the number of objects
being drawn, out of a total on the level. Colbuf is the collision Buffer Stats.

I have also found out what the black box/green line are in the
levels. Those PUSH YOU BACK when you try to go into them. This is
implemented so the character doesn't wander off into oblivion. In
short, the black box keeps you from going places that you are not intended to go to.

NOTE: Neo Chaotikal has submitted names for the things found in debug.

-That thing that tells you to die: "White Dead-Line"
-The capsules that are around people and other stuff: "Capsules" (what did you think?)
-The balls which are around objects, for instance the M.E.: "Big Balls"
-The collison balls for the characters: "Collision Bubbles"
-The invisible barriers: "Invisible Objects"
-The invisible barriers that force you away from them: "Invisible Objects With Arrows"
-The triangles of the floor that "turn on" when you touch them: "Polygons"

Specials With Sonic In Debug:

When you go over the little square glasses that break in Speed Highway,
they will turn yellow. When you speed dash, lots of little balls will
come toward you. When you are about to reach the Whale Chase part of
Emerald Coast, you will see many green arrows.

Specials With Tails In Debug:

His tails, when flying, look weird ^_^.

Specials With Knuckles In Debug:

Knuckle's Action stages w/debug mode shows the locations of
the emerald shards. There are little lines that connect
from him, pointing to where the emerald shards are. There
are also 3 new memory lines (I think these have to do with
the 3 emeralds shards). I could get all 3 in Speed Highway
within 44 seconds using it.

Specials With Amy In Debug:

When you swing her Piko-Piko Hammer, it looks like a
big round ball ^_^', but when Amy does her Hammer Jump
(run fast and then hit hammer) the balls will disappear
for a while! But then it will reappear, this time it will
stay until you go into another area and try the Hammer Jump again.

Specials With Big In Debug:

The end of your lure will be a big ball ^_^. Sometimes while
walking, the ball around Big will disappear!

Specials With E-102 In Debug:

When shooting the little 3 things that let you in
Emerald Coast, you will see the 3 seconds being added
to a blank area. When you leave the area
(must be somewhere where you have to load, have game
shark codes 999 rings and infinite lives on and don't go in Emerald Coast) you will die.

Specials With Super Sonic In Debug:

When the FMV scene comes of Eggman getting up,
he will have a BIG BIG ball around him! When the
FMV scene of Tikal begging father to save the Chao,
Tikal has a big glowing ball around her. So will sonic.
During the FMV of Perfect Chaos (PC) before sonic gets the
emeralds, he will stand on air, right before the characters
fly down to collect the emeralds. In the battle with PC, Sonic
will race along a single solitary multi-colored polygon. The lightning
bolt color (when sonic goes at max speed) is not there. Well sometimes
it is there. Sometimes a red ball will come on sonic and instantly vanish.
During some FMV's, the memory location changes. When Super Sonic (SS) is
hit by one of PC's rays, it will say (for a split second) HIT_CYLINDER_SIDE.

********MINOR SPOILER********

I think the red ball is PC's attack (he is locating you) where he
shoots the beam from his mouth (like on the FMV of him destroying the Egg Carrier 2).

I. Tails' Secret Runway

Difficulty: Easy
Requirements: E-102's hover power-up
Character: E-102 "y"
Where Preformed: Mystic Ruins

Submitted by Tails' McCloud. Play as E-102. Go to the entrance of the
cave near the Chao gardens in Mystic Ruins. Go right near the fence.
Jump off, activate the hover and make a sharp right turn. You should
be doing as if you were floating to an underground train station. When
you get close enough, you will see a green tunnel. This is the tunnel
that Tails' first flies out with the Tornado 2 in that FMV scene!! If
you turn the camera the right way, you will see the hatch that seals
off that area normally. Great job, TMC!

J. Get into the Speed Highway building early

Difficulty: Easy
Requirements: You might want to get the Jet Anklet, but it is optional.
Character: Tails
Where Preformed: Station Square

Submitted By Tails Mc Cloud. Start a new file. Activate Tails. Go
to the guy to the left of Twinkle Park as tails. Get behind him
and tails whip him, tails will be pushed back into the Speed
highway building. You can now jump forward and enter the speed
highway entrance (with the elevators) but the elevators don't
open! Before you jump into the speed highway area you have a
chance to get into twinkle park, and the place that is blocked
off by police. You can get out of the speed highway by just going through the door.

K. Floating Sonic in Final Egg

Difficulty: Easy
Requirements: 2nd controller and that tails has the Rhythm Badge
Character: Sonic
Where Preformed: Final Egg


Have a second controller handy. Gets to the second Beat
(the little mechanical purple things) part with an electric shield.
Connect the second controller. Have sonic stand still and tails
rapid spin attack the beats and sonic will float up! You can also do
this in the third part.

L. Tails In Casinopolis early

Difficulty: Easy
Requirements: Jet Anklet
Character: Tails
Where Preformed: Station Square

Do the E-102 in Casinopolis glitch, but fly, it is much harder now.
When you exit Casinopolis, you don't get the chaos emerald and you are stuck in the area.

M. Knuckles Out of The Limits of Sky Deck

NOTE: Dark Kirby submitted this glitch.

Difficulty: Easy
Requirements: None
Character: Knuckles
Where Preformed: Sky Deck

Start Sky Deck with Knuckles. Fly to the left, and you'll
land on a protruding part of the ship with rings on it. If
you look below, you will see green windows with white chairs
inside. Cling onto the window, and repeatedly fly into it.
You should go through. Now, you are outside of sky deck! You
can get into the spots with the robots, or the spots that
only open when the ship is titled! Thanks Dark Kirby!

N. Sonic and the never-ending Light speed attack

Difficulty: Easy
Requirements: Light Speed Attack & Light Speed Shoes
Character: Sonic
Where Preformed: Anywhere where a Kiki in a cage is

This is an easy glitch but really fun and cool to do. Find one of
those annoying kiki guards (like the one you attack to get
into Red Mountain) that are in a cage. Charge up your light
speed attack. Release the button and sonic will attempt to attack
the kiki from every possible angle. To stop, press the spin dash button.

O. Knuckles and the downward ladder that goes up

Difficulty: Easy
Requirements: NONE
Character: Knuckles
Where Preformed: Mystic Ruins

First choose Knuckles and go to the Mystic Ruins. When you get
to the train station, jump off the edge and glide to the ocean.
Turn around and you should see a ladder. Grab onto that and climb
as far as you can down it. Jump and grab the part just below you.
You will teleport back up to the train station.

P. Sideways Tails

Difficulty: Medium
Requirements: The thing that lets Tails spin attack his tails
for as long as he wants. Tails in Emerald Coast.
Character: Tails
Where Preformed: Emerald Coast (glitch level)


First get Tails into Emerald Coast. Now, right before the part where the
boosters shoot you straight up into the air (there are spikes that come
down after that), Hold the tails attack button and zoom up the boosters.
Hold the controller stick to the left or right. Tails will spin attack in
the air, and do that until you fall to the ground or stop using the tail whip attack.

Q. Inverted Station Square

Difficulty: Medium-Easy
Requirements: NONE
Character: Sonic, Tails and Knuckles
Where Preformed: Station Square

This is one of the coolest glitches. First of all there are three methods
on how to do this. I will state the names of the characters that can do
these methods. The cool thing about this glitch is that you can see the
inverted/inside out version of Station Square you can even see the cars
that go into the garage.

Method 1 (with Sonic): Get to the steps leading to the Train Station.
Do a spin-dash up these steps. When you get to the top (when you hit
the top it will launch you into the air) perform a homing attack. You
might land on a ledge. Now you can explore Station Square Inverted!

Method 2 (with Tails): Go to the train station. Get in the doors. Do not
go into the station itself or you will be forced to load the train station.
Jump and fly. Go to the left or right. Now you can fly around Inverted Station Square!

Method 3 (with Sonic, Tails and Knuckles): This is the easiest method ever.
Infact, I don't even know why you would bother with other methods unless in
some way you couldn't get this to work (which is doubtful). Well all you
have to do is go to the Train Station entrance. Get inside the doors BUT
NOT IN THE STATION ITSELF. Get to the left or right side (if you have a
problem with one side switch to the other) and jump then push the control
stick in that direction. You will land on a ledge. Now you can jump/fly/climb/glide around!

R. Upside down City Hall/Station Square

Difficulty: Medium-Easy
Requirements: NONE
Character: Sonic, Tails, Knuckles or E-102
Where Preformed: Station Square

Get to the spot where you battled Chaos 0. Get to one of those tiny, tiny
ledges where the palm trees are (make sure you are on the part of the ledge
where if you walked off you would be in the grass not the cement). Now,
SLOWLY walk off the edge and you should fall through the ground!! If you
are Sonic you will most likely fall through the ground and die. If you
are Tails, Knuckles, or E-102, though, you can fly around. Glide to where
the Speed Highway Entrance is (for knuckles). You will see pillars and cars upside-down!

S. Mystic Ruins' Mystic Secret

Difficulty: Hard
Requirements: NONE
Character: Sonic
Where Preformed: Mystic Ruins

Beaverbro2000 submitted this glitch.

You know the train track that goes right through the wall that you can't go
through? Well, Beaverbro2000 has found a way. You know the train track? Well,
jump off the edge of the train track at the part where it goes into the side
of the mountain. Now, try and spin dash up the wall. You may have to add a
jump in there to make it. You will spin dash up the wall, and fly over the
edge. You can see the track. It extends through to the other side! You can
press pause and X + Y to get a better view. Thanks a lot, Beaverbro2000!

T. Amy Behind The Mirror

Difficulty: Easy
Requirements: NONE
Character: Amy
Where Preformed: Twinkle Park Mirror Room

Get to the Mirror room as Amy. Keep playing through the mirror room
until you get to a part where you bounce on a spring to bounce to a
higher level. In the mirror you will see a reflection of that spring.
Hit the spring in the mirror with a hammer, and you will bounce up and
be on the OTHER side of the mirror. You can keep playing in here, but
once the mirror room finally ends so does your path, because you will
end of falling to your doom.

U. Knuckles Uppercut

Difficulty: Too easy @_@
Requirements: NONE
Character: Knuckles
Where Preformed: Station Square

Go to the spot where you fought Chaos 0. Now, go very to the brick
wall. Now, do a triple punch. This will cause Knuckles to do an uppercut and then fly backwards.

V. The Ultimate Slide

Difficulty: Easy
Requirements: NONE
Character: Multiple
Where Preformed: Station Square

This is an interesting but fun glitch. I know for a fact that this
works with Sonic, Knuckles (he looks REALLY COOL IF YOU DO IT RIGHT),
Tails, and Amy. I still have to test it with E-102 and Big. Anyway go
to Station Square over where the boat is and where the shoreline breaks.
No do you see that slanted ledge? Well get on it and don't move now
they will strike a certain pose (for instance there walking/standing/running/looking
around pose [you will see when you do it and they will slowly slid over to the right
(where Twinkle Park is) while staying in the pose and it looks REALLY cool.

W. The Studder

Difficulty: Easy
Requirements: NONE
Character: NONE
Where Preformed: Sound Test

Go to the Options Menu. Click on Sound Test. Now hurry, and click S.E. The lady speaking will studder.

X. Sonic floating

Difficulty: Easy
Requirements: NONE
Character: Knuckles first, then Sonic.
Where Preformed: Casinopolis x2

To make Sonic float in midair, first choose to play as Knuckles. In Adventure mode,
go to Casinopolis and get over by that big gold Sonic statue. Punch it in the cracked
foot and it will crumble. Now go back and choose to play as Sonic. Go to where the statue
was and jump in the middle of the platform. Sonic will float there for a while!

Y. Hedgehog on a Hot Tin Roof

Difficulty: Medium-Hard
Requirements: NONE
Character: Sonic
Where Preformed: Station Square

First go to the Train Station in Station Square. Now, jump onto the left
train (if you can't reach it then homing attack with the jump) then keep
on running. Now, jump diagonally in the upper right hand corner. You may
get lucky and land on the roof. Jump over that barrier and die.

Z. Hedgehog Stuck On A Ceiling

Difficulty: Medium-Medium
Requirements: NONE
Character: Sonic
Where Preformed: Speed Highway

At At Dawn, go to the part where you run up the wall on the LEFT side of
the screen. If you want to make it a little easier, try getting the speed
shoes on the wall. But you don't need to. When you have enough speed, when
running side ways run STRAIGHT up. Sonic will hit the ceiling and float
there as long as you are holding up.

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