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Guide created by SonicHackr2000. If you have any questions, please visit the Glitches Forums

CA. Get into Casinopolis Early

Note: This glitch was submitted by Knux Chao!

Difficulty: Medium
Requirements: Light Speed Shoes
Character: Sonic
Where Preformed: Station Square

Go to the brick wall to the left of the doors that lead from the train station to
the casino area. Look at the rows of bricks. You'll notice that in rows 2 and 3,
every other brick is a bit darker. Look at the second pair of dark bricks from the
door. You will aim at the rightmost part of the top dark brick.

Next, charge your light dash. Face the spot mentioned above, perpendicular to the
wall. (at right angles, for the geometry-impaired.) Now, jump and homing attack that
spot. If you don't go through, try again. When you go through, light dash. You should
go through the wall in front of you, which is actually the back of the wall in the
casino area! (don't give up if you die, just try again. I must've waisted 15 lives
trying to get through twice.) Now all you have to do is hit the switch and light dash
the rings to open the casino. There's no glitches in casinopolis, the game doesn't
freeze when you beat it, and your file won't be deleted.

To exit the Casino area, do the "Hedgehog on a Hot Tin Roof" glitch (glitch "Y" above)

CB. Get into Twinkle Park Early

Note: This glitch was submitted by Knux Chao

Difficulty: Medium
Requirements: NONE
Character: Sonic
Where Preformed: Station Square

Go into the sewers, either the normal way or the above method, and change the
camera to free camera. Now, look at where you fell from. Now, see the pipes
on the walls? Jump on one, then jump up into the pipe you fell from. This will
get the camera out of the sewer, so you can see where you're going. Hold up on
the c-stick to put the camera over you. next, charge your light dash and get back
on the pipes. Jump up into the big pipe you fell from, and homing attack and light
dash forward and left, behind the box. You'll fall through the ceiling and be behind
the box, where Big goes to twinkle park. Now simply follow the path to the elevator
and go to Twinkle Park! Once you exit the level, go back towards the elevator from
the sewer. don't go into the little room, stay in the glass pipe. Spin dash where the
pipe and the wall touch, and you'll fly out.

CC. Sonic/Tails in Speed Highway Early

Difficulty: Easy with Tails Medium with Sonic
Requrements: NONE
Character: Sonic/Tails
Where Preformed: Station Square

First, do the "Get Tails/Knuckles in the sewer" glitch above, but instead of going to
the sewer, head to the other side of Knuckles' Speed Highway entrance. If you make it,
You can play Speed Highway early!

CD. Get to Angel Island Early

Note: This glitch was submitted by Knux Chao!

Difficulty: Medium/Hard
Requirements: NONE
Character: Sonic
Where Preformed: Mystic Ruins

First, go to the wall across from the train station. note the large rock. Go to the right,
and note the corner. You need to spin dash off the rock, run up the wall to the top of the
corner, spin dash and jump off of the corner, and go around to the tunnel. It's difficult,
but once you get used to running on the wall it gets a bit easier.

CE. Reuse Small Animals

Difficulty: Easy/Medium
Requirements: NONE
Character: any
Where Preformed: Chao Garden

Fist, make sure your chao is sitting still. Then, pick up and animal and drop it in front of
your Chao. If done right, your chao will "drop" the animal but still gain its stats, then
just pick it up and drop it again. make sure to distance yourself. You need to drop it
right inbetween you and your Chao. Do this to max out stats easily!

CF. Emblem Glitch

NOTE: This glitch was submitted by DK BOARD!

Difficulty: Easy
Requirements: NONE
Character: Any
Where: Preformed: various

You know those field Emblems around the place? If you collect one it says "Saving"

But honestly, it doesn't save the game or something until you leave area or beat
an action stage. (At least for me.) After I got an Field Emblem at Mystic Ruins,
I quitted the game and went to see Emblem results, after I saw it wasn't there.
I went back to get it from the same place, but it wasn't there anymore. So
literally got stucked without getting the last emblem. ;_:And now, I have to
restart the game all over again...

STAGE AND BEAT IT. (Just to make sure the game saves.)

CG. Outside the Barrier of the Past

NOTE: This glitch was submitted by Knux Chao!

Difficulty: Easy/Medium
Requirements: Reccomended Super Sonic unlocked
Character: Sonic
Where Preformed: Master Emerald Shrine in the Past

Go into the past in either Sonic or Super Sonic's story. It's probably easiest to
use Super's, since you don't have to play through the whole story. Make your way
to the wall directly behind the emerald shrine, onto the highest rock. Spindash off
the rock and over the wall. You'll fall through, and either land on a narrow strip
of land or fall until you die. From here, there's really not much you can do besides
run around, or jump off and die.

CH. Through the Wall in Sky Deck

NOTE: This glitch was submitted by Knux Chao!

Difficulty: Easy/Medium
Requirements: NONE
Character: Knuckles
Where Preformed: Sky Deck

Go to Knuckles's Sky Deck, and go down to the lowest set of doors that open when the
ship tilts. Go to the one in the middle, and glide into the wall above the door. You
should be able to fall in. To get out, do the same. It's harder, though, because of
the camera angle. This is actualy useful, since there's sometimes an emerald shard in
there. I got about 37 seconds without the restart trick because of this.

CI. Gamma outside of Egg Carrier

NOTE: This glitch was submitted by Da Real Kooky!

Difficulty: Easy/Medium
Requirements: NONE
Character: E-102 "y"
Where Preformed: Egg Carrier

Go to the front of the ship, where the runway is, as E-102'y'. While facing the bridge,
drop down on the left side and run towards the bridge. Once you reach rolling mode, turn
around and head back towards the lift leading to the runway. Before you reach the lift,
turn to the right and drive to the greyish front of the Egg Carrier beyond and below the
runway. You obviously can't reach the area because it's beyond the playing field... However,
if in rolling form, you can drive through the invisible wall and onto the 'nose' of the
Egg Carrier. Continue rolling or running all the way out, towards the tip of the nose(it's
quite a long jog... The bloody carrier is long...), and as you can tell, you can actually
stand on the material, instead of falling through it.Once you reach the very end of the
nose, drop off. When you drop, switch to your hover form and guide yourself back towards
the Egg Carrier(obviously under it). Once you got out as far as the tip of the nose, falling
into the water will not result in a life loss.... Hover and continue to guide your way below
the Egg Carrier(which strongly resembles the front of the transformed Egg Carrier... Sorta.
From here, basically, explore. If you drop of the edges, however, since you're below the
'dying field', you'll just fall and fall infintly.

CJ. E-102 Under the Wood Planks in Mystic Ruins

NOTE: This glitch was submitted by Da Real Kooky!

Difficulty: Easy
Requirements: Hover Pack
Character: E-102 "y"
Where Preformed: Mystic Ruins

Walk to the fence, and just to the right of where the boardwalk ends you'll be
able to pass the invisible wall (it's just around the edge of the wood). Jump off
and activate the Hover mode and slowly fly into the small cave opening below the
boardwalk (it's hard to get into; you'll have to jump and hover real close to the
edge) and you'll start floating above the small river. From there, going through
the side walls and hovering, you can go into the Launch Tunnel for the Tornado 2
(though there's no soild ground inside it) or continue along the river to the
waterfall area.

CK. Sonic Runs up a Building

NOTE: This glitch was submitted by Da Real Kooky!

Difficulty: Easy/Medium
Requirements: NONE
Character: Sonic
Where Preformed: Station Square City Hall area

Along the wall with the entrance to the Burger Shop, there's small red (I believe)
awnings which you can jump onto the edge of(but you'll quickly slide off). Once on
them, quickly spindash up and, if at the right angle, you'll start running up the
wall. If you keep going up, chances are when you reach the top, the view will change
and you'll get a nice view of the whole area(from behind the Burger Shop wall,
though it'll be an airial view so it won't block the sights). If the camera don't
change(Auto Camera, haven't tested Free), you'll fall behind the wall(with a changed
view, holding up will cause you to fall near the streets) and into the abyss.

CL. Sonic Outside of the Egg Carrier

NOTE: This glitch was submitted by Da Real Kooky!

Difficulty: Easy/Medium
Requrements: NONE
Character: Sonic
Where Preformed: Egg Carrier

Version 1: This one will get you slightly under the Carrier, however, you can't go
passed the water level without death. Transform the Egg Carrier and head to the lower
deck, near the Sky Deck entrance. Go to the eastern side below(where there's a cannon
and beyond it is the greenish glass on the right, and water on the left). Spindash. A
LOT. Keep tapping B to spin-spin-spin. Keep beating at the Invisible Wall(that keeps
bouncing you back). It'll take a while and good aim, but if you try to shoot for the
greenish-glass, you'll go beyond the barrier and land onto the glass. You can't go
very high on the glass, though, just the normal distance as going around the Sky Deck
entrance. You'll do a lot of slipping, so Spindash is good. If you go down, you can go
below the deck and see the bottom of the ship, just like in My Gamma lies under the ocean,
but you can't get very low...

Version 2: This is the true version... You can reach the same area as Gamma, and explore
basically the whole underside of the Egg Carrier. This also involves a transformed Carrier
and on the lower deck. Go to the Station Square boat landing (go right down near the boat),
and try to jump onto the stairs (jump from the side to the middle or so of the stairs or
you'll be warped back up to the deck). Once on the stairs, spindash up and jump just before
to top (maybe a little eariler than that) and hold right. You should land on the greyish
area beyond the invisible wall. From there you can do two things: 1 is head towards the
nose of the ship and drop, where you'll land on another grey area just below the ship, and
you can then venture and explore as much as you can under it (don't fall, or you'll fall
forever unless you quit). The other thing is sorta get between the deck and the bottom of
the Carrier by spindashing near the sides (just below the Runway, near the invisible wall).
It works best on the Mystic Ruins boat landing side. Anyways, I can't remember it fully,
but I seemed to 'fall' through the grey part and I ended up just below the water level
surface (I could see Sonic 'through' the water)... Weird stuff.

CM. Into Silver and Metal Sonic's Tubes

NOTE: This glitch was submitted by Da Real Kooky!

Difficulty: Easy/Meduim
Requirements: NONE
Character: Sonic
Where Preformed: Room leading to Final Egg

In the Mystic Ruins Base area as Sonic, go to the corner where E-102 Gamma was made (the
corner with the green platform and all the arms). Stand on the green platform and jump and
tap the jump again to dash attack-thing. You should be real close to the wall when you do
that. From there, stay close and you can walk out around the back of the E-prosessor thing
and towards any of the tubes where the AI-enhanced Sonics are. Just go to the back of them
and simply walk through the glass, and you're inside them (man... Silver Sonic is huge
compaired to normal). To exit the tubes, just walk forward or to the sides.

CN. In The Closed Cavern

Note: This glitch was submitted by Melee Kirby!

Difficulty: Easy
Requirements: Jet Anklet (Optional)
Character: Tails
Where Preformed: Mystic Ruins

This trick can be used to access the sealed off Cavern area (where Angel Island and Ice Cap
are found) with Tails before you even confront Eggman in the Mystic Ruins!

Go down from the train station to where the hole in the wall is blocked by a barrier (the
wall that blasts off the side later in the game) and head down to your left, where there's
a cliff with several road blocks standing in the way. Jump over the road blocks off the edge
of the cliff, and then start flying and try going through the walls. If done correctly, you
will go right through the walls and you will see a long tube-like shape in the distance. Fly
to it before you fall down (it may be easier to get the Jet Anklet first before trying this).
If you touch the tube's outside you'll end up falling inside it, and you'll now find yourself
in the tunnel that the barrier blocks off until later! If you want to get back out, just touch
the wall/barrier from the inside - you'll go right through it and back outside.

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