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Director's Cut Glitching
These are areas and things you shouldn't be able to do with the characters normally. Thanks goes to Tom41 for these pictures and videos!

e101 in Casinopolis

Just showing Amy inside the Casinopolis main area - impossible to do without Moonjump!
Video Of Amy and nights here - part 2

When jumping on the capsule at the end of one of the levels Amy can't do normally, she does her 'grabbing balloon' pose while standing on top of the capsule!
Video here

Same as above, but sometimes Amy floats into the air on an invisible balloon saying "I'm Free!". This picture was taken after Amy completes Speed Highway At Dawn.

Shows Amy in one of Casinopolis's pinball tables. Unlike Sonic, she can just WALK around the pinball table, anywhere you want to go!
Video here

If Amy, Knuckles or Tails tries to jump on the number panels, they'll get stuck on panel No. 2

Big the Cat - in Speed Highway At Dawn?
Video here

Big walking down Sonic's bowling alley in Twinkle Park

Big in Emerald Coast, at the entrance to Windy and Ripply. The cave isn't shaded, and there's no trigger to load the Windy and Ripply part.

Big gets into the rollercoaster boarding area of Twinkle Park. Unfortunately, the roller coaster cars aren't there!

E-102 at the entrance to Windy and Ripply. Notice that the cave is shaded this time.

An unobtainable (without moonjump) extra lure for Big. It's in the place where Tails got the Jet Anklet.

After the whale destroys the bridge in Emerald Coast, the speed-up panels remain - floating in mid-air!

E-102 and the oddly elongated locked-on hover cars.
Video here

As Big, there's no roundabout in this part of Twinkle Park! Just a hole leading down to nothing.

It wouldn't help even if Amy could get into the Mystic Ruins hole in the wall (the one that is blown open), since the wind leading up to Angel Island isn't even there! The hole leads to nothing.

Tails in the entrance area to Goin' Down
Video 1 - Video 2

If Tails tries to go back from the Goin' Down entrance, he can continue running at full speed but won't go anywhere. He'll just keep running on the spot.

Tails is partially inside the wall of the Goin' Down building! It looks here like his tails have been cut off...

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