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It provided the aesthetics for the Emerald Coast Beach Resort.

The cliffs at Tulum provided the more rocky aspects of the Emerald Coast stage. The Sonic Adventure International Forum video reveals the particular area that was used in the game, which was at the base of the lighthouse. While the games lighthouse has no resemblance to the ruins at Tulum, some people believe the ruins were intended as a Mayan lighthouse.


Tulum was built in 1200 A.D. as the Mayan civilization had begun to decline, because of this it lacked the elegance of other Mayan built structures, this in turn also helped to compromise the integrity of the structure. For example Mayan buildings often had vaulted roofs, yet the roofs at Tulum were flat which has resulted in faster decay of them. The structure of the city is also unusual, with parallel streets surrounded by walls which were once five meters high and seven meters deep.

There are three major structures of interest: EL Castillo (the dominating tower within the area perched upon the cliff), the Temple of Frescoes and the Temple of the Descending God.

El Castillo has resulted from several phases of building. Inside the upper column is decorated with images of Serpents, just as Chichen Itza was, demonstrating the influence of Toltec art upon the Mayan culture. Its location over the sea made it an excellent candidate for a watch tower, it has also been suggested that it was also used as a lighthouse to guide the Canoes and other boats the Mayan may have used onto the beach below.

The Temple of the Descending God is to the left of El Castillo when looking out to sea. Above the door of the Temple is a stucco relief of a figure prevalent at Tulum, the upside-down winged God that also shows Bee like features. This figure is sometimes referred to as the “Diving God� because of its position and resemblance to a Bee signifies the importance of Honey to the Mayas.

The Temple of Fresco lies between El Castillo and the entrance to the site. Here fragments of colour can be seen depicting Mayan life.

Above, left to right: 1] Photo taken at Tulum by Sonic Team. In the background El Castillo can be seen. 2] Photo of El Castillo at the ruins of Tulum.

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