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It provided the aesthetics for the Chaos Emerald Altar.

The Circular ring shaped ruins at Saqsaywaman show a resemblance to the Chaos Alter featured in the game. In the Sonic Adventure International Forum video Yuji Naka is filmed standing inside these ruins.

The Inca Temple of the Sun used reflective objects to capture the suns rays and illuminate it. It seems that this idea may have been what inspired the mirror section of the Lost World stage in the game.


Sites of interest include Tambomachay, Santo Domingo Church and Saqsaywaman.

Saqsaywaman is located 2km from the city. This huge construction was planned and built by Andean Man. The Incas called it the House of the Sun and the Spaniards called it a fortress because of its zigzag shape and the 1536 revolution. The construction, which is made up of three platforms one on top the other, was one of the most important religious complexes of its time.

The enormous boulders that form part of the construction were put together without using mortar. The heaviest boulder weights up to 125 tons. Archaeologist which have excavated the area have discovered water fountains, canals and rooms.

Tambomachay was once a site used for bathing by the Inca. The quality of the stone work suggests the baths were reserved for high nobility, which was thought to be during ceremonial occasions. The ruins basically consist of three tired platforms. The top platform contained three niches that were probably used for seating. The ruins are located on top of a natural spring which emerges into the top platform through a hole at it base. The water cascades down to the bottom platform which creates a shower high enough for an Inca to stand under.

Santo Domingo Church was built during the 17 th century atop the walls of Koricancha which is the Inca Temple of the Sun. Very little of the temples interior remains intact, it contents had been raided by conquistadors. Originally the walls inside the temple were lined with 700 Gold sheets each weighting 2 kilos. There were also replicas of corn, golden flames, figures and jars each crafted of gold and silver. The key feature of the temple, and by far the most impressive, was the large golden Sun Disk (bigger than a fully grown man). The principle behind the disk was that when the sun struck the temple the disk would reflect its rays of light across the golden walls, illuminating the mummified remains of the dead Inca rulers that were seated in niches along the walls. Curiously when the conquistadors arrived the disk was not removed, although they did report its existence. The disk mysteriously vanished before the first party of Spanish arrived.

Above, left to right: 1] Photo of the ruins at Saqsaywaman. 2] Photo of a section of the Koricancha wall.

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