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Secret characters and outfits

The better you do in Sonic Adventure 2, the more stuff you can unlock. Observe:

Amy (both)

Big The Cat (SA2 only)

Chao (both)

Chaos (both)

Knuckles PSO (version 1: SA2 only)

Mecha Sonic (both)

Camo Robotnik (SA2 only)

Dark Rouge (SA2 only)

Shadow PSO (version 1 : SA2 only)

Sonic PSO (version 1 : SA2 only)

Tails in what seems to be the Tornado 1 (both)

Tikal (both)

left to right
Tails in Tornado 1(both)
Knuckles PSO (version 2: SA2:B only)
Shadow PSO (version 2 : SA2:B only)
Sonic PSO (version 2 : SA2:B only)
Rouge the whore (SA2:B only)
Robotnik of 1910 (SA2:B only)

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