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Glitches Part 1

Guide created by RattleMan and AJ. If you have any questions, please visit the Glitches Forums

The Guide is layed out as follows:

Difficulty: This explains the difficulty of the glitch.
Requirements: Any thing you absolutely need to preform this glitch.
Character: What character you need to preform this glitch.
Level: The Level it is performed on.

A. The SA2 Demo Glitches

Difficulty: Easy
Requirements: SA2 Demo
Character: Sonic

1. You can smash the box, but not in the demo. But under the box is a
button! And they create: A String of Rings all in a row, just like in
SA!! Just spin dash into the sides of the box alot of times and a string
of rings will appear in front of you! But the sparkle from the rings
never go away!

2. Throw an Omo-chao into the box before the rail grind. You can't
destroy the box after that. Omo-chao can also destroy any cars or bots
that you come across when he's flying around your head.

B. The Omochao protection

Difficulty: Easy
Requirements: SA2 DEMO or SA2
Character: Any

You can use any Omochao floating around you as a sort of weapon.
Just make the Omochao ram into a robot and bam, its gone.

C. Knuckles Floats Upsidedown

Difficulty: Easy
Requirements: SA2
Character: Knuckles

Like the glitch in Sonic Adventure, if you rotate your control
stick, knuckles will fly upside-down!

D. Recreation of Glitch A in SA2

Check A (the Sa2 demo glitches) for more info.

Once you have the fire somersault, somersault into the steel box where
the "button" was in SA2 Demo. You will find a switch. Hit the switch,
and the sparkle STILL doesnt go away!

E. Shadow Through The Wall

Difficulty: Easy
Requirements: SA2
Character: Shadow
Level: Final Chase

After the third checkpoint, there are 3 passages to choose from.
Go up on the steel drums right before that area, get on top of the drum
and as close to the wall as possible. Spindash and you will go thru the

F. Sonic's Upside Down Infinite Fall

Difficulty: Easy to Meduim-Easy
Requirements: SA2
Characters: Sonic
Level: Crazy Gadget

Ok In the third ot last room if you took the right route you will
be on the ceiling..their will be a rocket you must use to destroy a
green barrier with a chao box and a gravity control switch in
there..well right after pressing the button run as fast as you can into
the green stuff before it goes away..either run or jump into
should be sucked through the ceiling and fall upside down forever..the
farther oyu go the more of Crazy Gadget you can see.

G. Make The GUN Truck fall into a pit

Difficulty: Medium-Hard
Requirements: SA2 or SA2 Demo
Character: Sonic
Level: City Escape

There are two ways to do this We will list them both:

1. Ok Get to the Truck Chase and as soon as it begins try and run up
the hill and the truck will fly through the air and hit an invisable
wall now quickly run up to it and stay close and walk up the hill while
it's backing up stay close and when it gets to the top it will keep
going and fall into a pit!

2. Get to the Truck Chase and when the truck is on the ground homing
attack it and when you are flashing do it again and oyu won't be stay close and walk slowly up the hill..then do what you did
in step 1

The funny part about this is the truck hits Omochao allowing you to be
able to pick him up and carry him through the level and beat it...and if
oyu go to where Big is you can see he's not even running! It looks like
he's dancing!

H. Use Omochao In Boss Fights

Difficulty: Easy
Requirments: SA2
Character: Anybody
Level: Any Boss Fight

This is a cool and funny ok all you have to do is die in a boss
fight and when Omo-Chao comes to give you a tip knock him outta the air
using a Drill Dive,a Bounce,charge up a spin dash so he runs into the
energy when being charged,ect. now when he's on the ground grab him and
use him as a weapon!

I. Dying And Finishing The Level At The Same Time

Difficulty: Easy
Requirments: SA2
Character: Sonic
Level: Crazy Gadget

This is an interesting glitch actually.Ok,what you must do is get
to the last part of Crazy Gadget..Use the Rocket to destroy the green
barrier infront of the Goal Ring..Now go over ot the little "tunnel"
that the Goal Ring is in and use your bounce attack and try to land on
the top..when you do you will here Sonic yell like he was falling but
you can still control him..but if you wait to long it goes black and
puts you back at the checkpoint and takes away one life..but if you hit
the goal ring then it's like you died but still beat the level!

J. Running Up The Wall in Final Rush

Diffifculty: Easy-Medium
Requirments: SA2
Character: Sonic
Level: Final Rush

Go to the part of the level at the end where you are running
strait down and pieces of the colony are falling at do that
part like normal and when you hit the booster and fly over to the Goal
Ring do NOT touch it instead turn around and get to the ledge..Do a
spindash the jump and land on the red area you just came run
upward and you will notice your under the booster that sends you to the
goal ring..spindash and jump over it and start running(or spindashing)
up the building..the peices of the colony won't even hurt you now! So
you can just run around and play on it!

K. Rouge Floats Upside Down

Difficulty: Easy
Requirments: SA2
Character: Rouge

Yes, you can also do this with Rouge. All you have to do is glide
and rotate the control stick.

L. Get inside Sonic's head

Difficulty: Easy
Requirements: SA2
Character: Sonic
Level: Pyramid Cave

Okeydokey.In the long hallway with an hourglass at the
beginning,where you have to get to the end before the door closes,go to
the middle of the hall.Run up the left wall,and run towards the
camera.Try to stay near the ceiling.Keep going,and when you reach the
end,you'll fall into a corner.The camera will be stuck in the corner,and
you can move around.With the camera stuck there,you can see inside
Sonic's head.Oddly enough,there's nothing in there..=P

M. Easy Extra Points

Difficulty: Easy
Requirements: SA2
Character: Sonic
Level: Any

When you want to get "Extreme" and such, jump and tap Sonic's bounce
attack. Now, go to an enemy and bounce attack it, now, while you still
are bounce attacking, attack another enemy. That makes a "Nice!" score
appear! See, the enemy hit count doesnt calculate it untill you stop

N. Upside Down Infinite Fall #2

Difficulty: Easy
Requirements: SA2
Character: Sonic
Level: Crazy Gadget

This is kinda like the other one but you need to be in Hard Mode to do
this. Get to the area where you change that garvity and a bunch of
Blocks comming falling the the ceiling but land on litle things sticking
outta the walls.Walk straight ahead and to your righ should be a block
stting on one of those orange things from the wall. Get under it and
start bounce Attacking and hold forward(so you run into the wall) and
after about 3 bounces you go through and fall upside down but never die.

O. The Forest Under City Escape

Difficulty: Medium
Requirements: SA2
Character: Sonic
Level: City Escape

Ok to do this first you must do the glitch to make the GUN Truck fall
into the hole. Now once that's donw run down until you get to the first
ramp. get under the ramp and spin dash the when your going up jump.You
should jump really high now when your in the air try going to your
left.You will go through the wall and fall.Atfirst you see nothing.But
when Sonic gets a little lower you see a forest right under City

P. Doing Loops Upside Down

Difficulty: Easy-Medium
Requirements: SA2
Character: Sonic or Shadow
Level: Any Level with a loop

This is an interesting glitch you can do when Sonic or Shadow. Get to
level with a loop(I'll just use my example with Radical Highway) now
when your in Radical Highway there are a lot of Hills that go down and
end in a loop or a double loop. spindash and jump from the top of the
hill and land on top of the loop.You will now do the loop upside down
but once you egt t a certain point on the flat ground you fall =P

Q. No Ending Pose

Difficulty: Easy
Requirements: SA2
Character: Sonic or Shadow
Level: Any Level

This glitch is very easy to do first you need to get o the end of a
level but don't Hit the goal ring. Get a little far back and make sure
there is a wall or invisable wall behind the Ring. Spindash then while
your rolling press the spindash button again to get outta it and run
really ast run into the ring and hit the wall.Now they won't Do and
ending pose and they will start talking after the Statistics!

R. Falling but being hit by invisable Things

Difficulty: Easy
Requirements: SA2, Bounce Bracelet
Character: Sonic
Level: Final Rush

This is an interesting Glitch.Get to the End of Final Rush where you are
runnign down a builind beng chased by peices of the colony.Bouch attack
and go over the ledge and get under what you where running on. Now for
some reason the stuff starts hitting you and taking away Rings!

S. Metal Harbor Music on pause
Contribted by BlueJoshi

Difficulty: Easy
Requirements: SA2
Character: Sonic
Level: Metal Harbor

Shortly after you grab onto the missile the camera angle will change.
If you press start right when it changes the music will continue even
whle on pause. After taking it off of pause the music will keep going
until the new music starts

T. Standing on the Metal Shaft
Contributed by BlueJoshi

Difficulty: Easy
Requirments: SA2
Character: Sonic
Level: Metal Harbor

You can only do this in Hard mode. hold foward when falling from the
rocket and you will land on the metal shaft

U. Grabbing the Rocket twice
Contributed by BlueJoshi

Difficuly: Easy
Requirments: SA2, requires you already did glitch T
Character: Sonic
Level: Metal Harbor

You can walk around the metal part on
top if you stay to sides. By doing this and spindashing, you can zoom
out of the shaft. If you come out the front part you can fall into the
shaft without a board. By zooming up the back part you can fall back to
the missle and grab on again (and get more points)

V. Keep Playing after Final Hazard
Contributed by BlueJoshi

Difficulty: Medium
Requirments: SA2
Characters: Sonic and Shadow
Level: Fight with FinalHazard

If you hit the sore at just the right angle you can sometimes fly
under/over him. This will cause you to switch chars. and fly around
some more

W. Stuck in a wooden Barrier
Contributed by BlueJoshi

Difficulty: Medium
Requirments: SA2
Character: Shadow
Level: White Jungle

Get to the part where you grab the bungy vine kill the robot then roll
under the wooden barrier. When Rollling jump and you will either get
stuck(can be undone) or fall thought the ground

X. Second Part of Metal Harbor without a board

Difficulty: Easy
Requirments: SA2
Character: Sonic
Level: Metal Harbor

Ok when you get to the second part of metal harbor go through it like
normal. When you get to the end brake so you don't hit the booster. The
board will go away and and you run through the level without one now.
If you go the the very top you will notice another Baord Floating in mid
air. But if you do hit the speed booster that's fine just jump and walk
back in.

Y. Super Speed roll
Contributed by BlueJoshi

Difficulty: Easy
Requirments: SA2
Character: Shadow
Level: Final Chase

In the part with the vertical gravity tubes with platforms on top. If
you somersault at the very top and hold the correct direction (it's
different for each place you start out ) he'll do a few laps around it
at normal speed, then suddenly go ultra fast. This will even tually
cause him to fall off

Z. Opening the Safes easily

Difficulty: Easy
Requirments: SA2
Character: Rouge
Level: Security Hall

This is a very cool glitch and a nice way for easy A's. Go over to the
Safes that you must dig to open. you will notice that some you can't dig
in until you find a switch well if you use your spiral kick they open

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