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Glitches Part 2

Guide created by RattleMan and AJ. If you have any questions, please visit the Glitches Forums

The Guide is layed out as follows:

Difficulty: This explains the difficulty of the glitch.
Requirements: Any thing you absolutely need to preform this glitch.
Character: What character you need to preform this glitch.
Level: The Level it is performed on.

AA. Open The Chao Transporter From Behind

Difficulty: Easy
Requirments: SA2
Characters: Knuckles or Rouge
Level: any Chao Garden

Go behind a chao Transporter and use a spiral kick or will
activate it now.

AB. Inside the Egg
Contributed by BlueJoshi

Difficulty Hard
Requirments: SA2, Bounce Bracelet
Characters: Sonic
Level: A Chao Garden

Find an EggShell(bottom half) and bounce attack keep doing it until you
get in. Now sonic will do a bunch of wierd motions.

AC. Sonic Forced through the Wall

Difficulty: Easy
Requirments: SA2
Characters: Sonic
Level: Crazy Gadget(this place is pretty buggy huh?)

Get into the room where there are three gravity changers. one leading
down(to your doom) tand the other ones to the walls. Well choose one of
the ones that leads to the wallss and try landing on the blocks . More
blocks will come and land on you and push you through the wall.

AD. The Mysterious platforms

Difficulty: Easy
Requirments: SA2
Character: Sonic
Level: Crazy Gadget(once again!)

Ok get to the end of the level to the part where you are switching the
gravity.Now siwtch it so your on the red platform upside down. Then go
to the next on and switch it.You should now be sideways on a greyish
greenish platform. go to the end and you will see a spring. It's the
same spring your suppossed to hit later..Well hit it now and you shoot
out. Now oyu will fall. but while falling you will see some mysteroius
platforms and even artificila chaos things. weird.

AE. Mysterious white light

Difficulty: Easy
Requirments: SA2
Character: Shadow
Level: Final Rush

Ok get to the part of the level where there is a check point and right
after it you run staight up a wall. Get to the top and you will see a
very steep hill and past it are a bunch of sideways and crooked spinning
drums. go down the hill a little bit then turn around. Spindash and Jump
when you reach the top of the hill. You should shoot through the cieling
and outside if you look around you will see a mysteroius white light.

AF. The Mysteroius Speed Booster

Difficulty: Hard(not to mention frustrating)
Requirments: SA2
Character: Shadow
Level: White Jungle

This is a very hard glitch becuase it's hard to get the camera to what
you want it to. Start the level and run down the hallow tree when you
get to the end jump off into the water and try to force the Camera under
it. You will see a speed booster down there under the hallow tree!

AG. The Ultimate Sound Glitch

Difficulty: Hard on you if you use it
Requirements: SA2, Gameshark CDX
Character: NONE
Level: NONE


A few months ago, I tried to put the Sonic Adventure Debug mode code
into the Sonic Adventure 2 game. I regretted it. Once this code is
implemented, it CANNOT be undone and WILL cause damage to the sound file
of SA2. The game will reset at random times, and you will get really
screwed up sounds.

AH. Running Down The Wrong Wall

Difficulty: EASY
Requirments: SA2
Character: Sonic
Level: City Escape

Now in my opinion this is one of the coolest glitches so far...OK get to
city escape and get to the loop that goes down the side of the start going down and when the camea first changes veiws to
get a little closer to sonic(Not the REAL close view the one before it)
quickly jump to your will land on the building beside you and
you will be running down it MUST keep holding foward or
you will you can play around running backords but the odd
thing is when you press left you go right and when you press right you
go left...if you do it REALLY fast you can turn Sonic around and run
down facing foward.

AI. The Akward Bounce Attack

Difficulty: EASY
Requirments: SA2, Bounce Bracelet
Character: Sonic
Level: City Escape

After the part where you run down the building you hit some
springs..Well after you hit them land and run back to the..get on the
right side of the springs and ump as far back into the corner as you
can. Now bounce attack when you hit the springs instead of straighting
out like you usually do you will still be spinning in the bounce attack
form.. If you press the jump button again you do a srange bounce attack
making you shoot diagonally back so you hit the springs again; however
if you wait to long to bounce attack when in the air you fall straight

AJ. Put Your Chao In The Floor

Difficulty: Easy
Requirments: SA2, Access to Chao
Character: Anybody
Level: Chao Garden

When you see a sleeping chao(preferably by water) in your garden go over
to it and start running into will slowly slide across the
floor...keep doing that until you reach the water it will seem like they
stop sliding when you run into them..but they don't keep doing it and
they will start going into the floor..they will go so far in that you
can stand on them and when they wake up they will either walk around
down there or go swimming.

AK. Rouge's Tail In The Wrong Place

Difficulty: Easy
Requirments: SA2
Character: Rouge
Level: Chao Garden

Go into a chao garden with Rouge and pic up a chao now angel the camera
to her side and set the chao down..You will notice he tial sticks out
infront instead of in the back..*coughcoughsheisamancoughcough*

AL. Escaping The Hero Chao Garden

Difficulty: HARD
Requirments: SA2
Character: Sonic
Level: Hero Garden

Ok get into the Hero Garden and go to the hill by the tree and the
fallen pillar and get on it..angel yourself so you start sliding down
now spindash and let go and you can get outta the garden.

AM. Falling Through The Floor In Green Forest

Difficulty: Medium
Requirments: SA2
Character: Sonic
Level: Green Forest

Ok like in the shortcut for this level stated in the shortcuts section
get to the checkpoint after the part where you keeping hitting springs
and going higher and higher..walk foward some and you will be standing
on a log thing..spindash up the side and instead of falling
for the land like in the shortcut try and land on the platform. There
will be a spring there..don't hit it or you will start the part where
you bungy jump..stay on the "railing" or side that sticks up from the
platform becuase if you go on the lower part you fall through..keep
walking into the tuneel where all the springs send you shooting out and
try jumping on the will fall straight thrhough(there ARE some
spots where you can stand)The reason it's like this is becuase nobody ws
suppossed ot use that floor becuase you are bouncing on the springs
instead so they decided not to implant it.

AN. Touching Big The Cat

Difficulty: Medium
Requirments: SA2
Charcter: Dr. Eggman
Level: Weapons Bed

Ok before the first Checkpoint there are boxes you must destroy to make
more boxes fall and make steps for You. Well get on the highest box but
don't go to the check point. Jump and Hover ON the fence now slowly walk
around the border of the fence jupm up to where the satelite is and then
jmup into the little box area beside it..beside that is Big.. jump and
hover AS SOON AS YOU JUMP this will mkaing you jump higher and land on
the ledge can now touch Big.

AO. Creating A LOT of Stars

Difficulty: Easy
Requirments: SA2
Character: Dr. Eggman
Level: Weapons Bed.

Ok before the first checkpoint there are some boxes blocking your way.
Well to your right there is a building..backtrack some to the
begginnning of that building SLOWLY walk behind the building..keep
walking as far as you can but doNOT ever jump or you will will
come to a dead start running into the pole blocking your way
and abou 100 stars will start shooting out everywhere(The same stars
that shoot out when Sonic or Shadow run into a wall to fast)...If you
try that with any other wall for him though it won't happen..odd huh?

AP. Touch Big The Cat Again

Difficulty: Easy
Requirments: SA2
Character: Rouge
Level: Security Hall

Go over to the area where you can spot Big. Get up against the fence(but
make sure you are floating above the fans still) now keep drill diving
and hold foward. As SOON as you go under the floor glide over to the
wall and grab on. If you go down to Big you will die but you can sitll
touch him. If you go above him and spin the camera you can see that Big
isn't even HOLDING the wall! He is just floating there.

AQ. Jump In Mid Air

Difficulty: Easy
Requirments: SA2
Character: Sonic or Shadow
Level: Anything

If you jump at an enemy and it attacks you before you hit and kill
it(i.e. if a Artificial Chaos hits you with it's arms or something)you
can end up jumping again in mid air after Sonic or Shadow comes to there
senses and returns to there normal falling animation. This is a very
helpful glitch becuase it can be a magor life savor.

AR. Die Twice

Difficultys: Easy
Requirments: SA2 and you must have atleast 1 ring
Character: Sonic
Level: Green Forest

Go to Green Forest and play though until you get to the checkpoint just before
the part where you bungy jump. Go forward a little then spin dash up the side
of the wall of the hallowed out tree that you are in. You will land on the
platform above you. Don't hit the spring. Instead jump off to the botom and
make sure you hit the spinning spiked balls. you will loose you coins and fall
in the water and Sonc will say "NO!!!" but you can still control for about 7
seconds. do the Jump in mid air technique and hit the spikes again and he will
say "NO!!!" again. The level will restart at the checkpoint then restart right
away again from the same checkpoint. You will have died twice.

AS. The Tunnel Without A Floor

Difficulty: Medium
Requirements: SA2 And Enough Rings To Do A Speed Boost
Character: Rouge
Level: Route 280

Go through route 280 as normal until you come to the first little slope.
Speed boost over the wall nd aim for the tunnel. you will go in but
there will be no floor at all!

AT. The Mysteroius Ring

Diffivulty: Easy
Requirments: SA2 and Bunce Bracelet if you want to get the ring
Charater: Sonic
Level: Metal Harbor

Play through Metal Harbor as normal until you reach the part where you
grab the red handles that take you to a higher platform then you grab
another and go to another higherplat form and there is a loop right
after that. Well after getting to the second higher platform don't go to
the loop. go forward a little bit then turn around and look up above you
where you jumped off the red handle. You will see one little ring up
there all by itself. If you want ot get it get on the railing and bounce
up to it. Was this suppossed to be here? And if it was why would they
make it so unnoticable. Or was t a mistake to begin with? Odd.

AU. Power Silde

Difficulty: Easy
Requirments: SA2
Character: Sonic
Level: Metal Harbor

Select the first mission of Metal Harbor and play trhough it until you
get to the part where you area on the board in the ventalation shaft. At
the end afte you get off the board run back up to the top as far as you
can go and turn around so you are looking the same direction of the
camera. Sonic will now start sliding really fast all the way down to the
bottom on his own.

AV. Standing On Nothing

Difficulty: Easy
Requirments: SA2
Character: Sonic
Level: City Escape

First you must select hard mode. After that play through City Escape
until you get to the part where you grind then run up a wall and homing
attack a floating GUN bot to get across a bit before you start running
down the street hitting all the ramps. Instead of running up the wall
take the path that goes up the steps but is blocked off by a
wall..Spindash on the step and you will end up running o the top off the
wall and standing on nothing at all(I made a ryme!).

AW. Sonic On Nothing
Contributed by

Difficulty: Easy
Requirments: SA2
Character: Sonic
Level: Normal Chao Garden

Just go to the Chao garden(normal) and go next to the wall next to the
exit(right side if you are facing the exit) and jump. Sonic will now stand on
an invisable platform.

AX. Hut Hut HIKE!

Difficulty: Easy
Requirments: SA2
Character: Sonic
Level: City Escape

Play through City escape until you reach the second chao container and the
omochao that says "This box contains the Chao key". Grab the omochao and hit
the spring. You will hit two more springs and fly toward a checkpoint before
reaching it through the omochoa and Sonic will through ihm through his legs
whilte flying upside down then do a flip and not even reach the Checkpoint. If
you do it at the EXACT right time you can sometimes fall through the floor.

AY. Sucked In Than Out Of The ARK
Contributed by

Difficulty: Medium
Requirments: SA2, Jet Booster
Character: Tails
Level: Eternal Engine

Play through the Eternal Engine until you get to the dead end with the omochao
and those doors taht suck you out when you shoot the bombs on them. Shoot them
and hoover out. Try getting back in and you will get sucked back INTO the ARK,
but you will still die.

AZ. The Underside Of Pyrimid Cave

Difficulty: Easy
Requirments: SA2, Bounce Bracelet
Character: Sonic
Level: Pyramid Cave

Play through the level until you have to get the second key to continue on
through the level. Get to where the key is and go up on the left block (with
the robot from the E-1000 series). Start bounce attacking until you get to your
highest point and when there fly off toward where the key is. You will see the
camera go under the floor and oyu can see the underside of Pryamid Cave.

BA. Eaten By The Light

Difficulty: Easy
Requirments: SA2
Character: Sonic
Level: Pyramid Cave

In either the first or the second long highway and find one of those lights on
the wall that you can reach. Run up to it and thenstand on it. If you can angel
yourself correctly you will start sliding into the light and oson you will be
totally inside of it!

BB. The Messed Up FMV

Difficulty: N/A
Requirments: SA2
Character: Sonic
Level: The FMV after the Sonic Shadow Fight.

Beat Shadow in the Sonic and Shadow Fight 1. Watch the FMV. Now look around at
your surroundings and you will notice that your in a totally different area! In
fact you will notice that you are haveway through the level already! If you
look around you should be able to notice where your at. Then oddly enough it
starts Sonic ALL the way back at the beginning and you must get back to that
area yourself.

BC. Sonic Stuck On The Ceiling

Difficulty: Medium
Requirments: SA2
Character: Sonic
Level: City Escape

Right after the first checkpoint there will be a part where you can urn up onto
the wall to get a ten ring bubble. When running up the wall run to the top
(don't do it to directly though or you will fall) and when at the top try
running back down it at a little angel to. You will see Sonic's feet moving
really fast but he won't be moving anywhere.

BD. Fighting The Dead Egg Golem

Difficulty: Easy
Requirments: SA2
Character: Sonic
Level: Egg Golem Fight

Get the Egg Golems Health down to one more shot until he's dead. After you do
so get on the slates coming from his back. wait till the elcetricty omes
out(the small shocks don't hurt you the big one does though) and then jump. He
will start attacking(it's betst when he starts spinning) and then attack his
head for the ifnishing blow. You will see that he is still alive and still
fighting. Afetr a while he dies though.

BE. Inside the Egg Golem

Difficulty: Medium
Requirments: SA2
Character: Sonic
Level: Egg Golem Fight

When on the back of the Egg Golem try jumping infront of him. You might land on
a spot under his head and above his someach keep jmuping and homing attacking
and you will go in him. To get out just jump and homing attack until you fall

BF. Outside Death Chamber
Contributed by Raymond D. Roberts(

Requirments:Mystic Melody(Knuckles), SA2
Character: Knuckles
Level: Death Chamber

First you need to go to where the Chao is in mission three.
In the un flooded room, there's an indent high on the wall with a
hourglass switch.
Hit the switch, then stand on top of it.
When time runs out the switch will be hit again, because you're standing
on it, and you'll be popped though the ceiling.
Immededeletly start gliding, away from the camera for a few seconds, then
turn around.
You should "land" in some "water".
Presto! You're outside, and free to explore!

BG. A Closer Look At The G.U.N. Truck
Contributed by Robert(
Difficulty: Easy
Requirments: SA2
Character: Sonic
Level: City Escape

After getting the Truck into the pit go to the top of the hill and look for
some white lines. Go behind them and jump and spindash on the gate to get a
cloaser look at the Truck.

BH. Eggman Through The Floor

Difficulty: N/A
Requirments: A Messed Up SA2 Disk
Character: Eggman
Level: Cannon's Core

This is quite an odd glitch that you really don't have to do anything to do it.
Sega seems to have made a few bad disks that people have been asking me about.
Basically when you start Cannon's Core(Eggman's part) right when he says "Now
it's MY turn!" he falls right through the flloor and dies...There is no way to
fix this so if this happens to you then go back to where you bought the game
and exchange it.

BJ. Fast Ring, Stopped Ring

Difficulty: Easy
Requirements: SA2
Character: Anyone
Level: All

This is a cool glitch on how to make the goal ring stop spinning or spin
faster. First get to the goal ring(Or the Ring that says BACK if you failed the
mission, these are also in Knuckles and Rouge Levels.) as any character. Now if
they are small enough you sould stand under it (in some levels you can't from
the ring being to clse to the ground) now hold the Left Trigger on the back to
spin the Camera and the ring will spind faster. Hold the R Trigger on the back
of the controller to make the ring STOP spinning. If the character is to big or
the ring is to close to the ground just stand close to it, but it won't look as

BI. Sonic On The Invisable Platform

Difficulty: Easy
Requirments: You must get rid of the G.U.N. Truck
Character: Sonic
Level: City Escape

Play all the way through the level until your at the Truck Chase..Go through it
until you are at the last turn with the speed boosters(it is before the second
trick ramp) go down the hill a little andturn around. Spindash and jump up as
high as you can and aim for the corner in the right you should land on
something. You can now walk around up there.

BK. Never Ending Homing Attack

Difficulty: Hard
Requirments: Two Controllers
Character: Sonic or Shadow
Level: Any Two Player Level

Have one person move ahead of the other and try to get a good speed. Now have
the second homing attack them.. If the person is moving fast enough the person
in the homing attack will just keep following them; However this is very hard.

BL. Don't Hit The Springs

Difficulty: Medium
Requirements: SA2
Character: Sonic
Level: Green Forest

This is simmilar to the other Glitch but not quite. Go to where the speed
booster is that takes you in the tunnel with all the springs. Roll into the
right side at an angle and when you hit it hold the B should shoot
off to the side and miss the spring. Now you can run around in there.

BM. Sonic's Different Shoes

Difficulty: N/A
Requirments: SA2
Character: N/A
Level: FMVs

Look in some of the FMVs with Sonic in them. Look at his shoes and you will
notice they are sometimes ALL red with no other coloring on them.

BN. In The Metal Tower

Difficulty: Easy-Medium
Requirments: SA2
Character: Shadow
Level: Radical Highway

Play through the level until you get to the area where you hit the spring and
grab the handle that takes you to the second rocket. Well don't hit the spring.
Instead go to the side with the metal boxes and get on the on to the right jump
around to the right side of the tower and you would be able to grabe the ledge
keep trying to jump when you get on the ledge you shoudl go behind/in the metal

BO. Sonic's Eyes In His Head
Contributed by Robert(

Difficulty: Easy
Requirments: SA2
Character: Sonic
Level: Crazy Gadget

Get to those upsidedown grind rails(the ones you hang from and slide down) and
go down it backwords. Sonic's eyes should go into his head.

BP. The Mysterious Mysterious Ring 2
Conributed by Chris Phillips(

Difficulty: Easy-Medium
Requirments: SA2
Character: Tails
Level: Sand Ocean

Go to the very end of Snd Ocean but don't touch the Goal Ring. Instead look to
your left for a platform. On it you should see another Mysterious Ring.

BQ. Animals Under The Floor
Contributed by Heero Yuy(

Difficulty: Easy-Hard
Requirments: SA2
Character: Any
Level: Chao Garden

When you're in the regular chao garden.When the animals come out of you jump
and hold the A button and the animals will go under the floor and it will sound
like they are swimming. Eventually they will go into the pond. I've only done
it once so I don't if it will always or does work.

BR. View Inside The Cacoon
Contributed by Heero Yuy(

Difficulty: Easy
Requirments: SA2
Character: Any
Level: Chao Garden

When your chao is in the cocoon go behind it so it looks like the egg is coming
closer and you can see inside the cocoon and see your evolved Chao and you
might be able to see what type of chao it will be.

BS. Out In Space
Conrtibuted by Sanjeev Namjoshi(

Difficulty: Easy
Requirments: SA2 And Hover Upgrade
Character: Eggman
Level: Cosmic Wall

In Cosmic Wall, once you finish the level, use your booster to fly past the
goal ring. Aim for the tunnel ahead. You will go straight through the tunnel
and into space.

BT. Die At The Start Of A Race

Difficulty: Easy
Requirments: SA2
Character: Any
Level: 2P Mode Levels

Go to a 2P mode level and play through until one character has 40 rings. Have
that character unlesh their attack and after they say it hit start and restart
the race. After you restart the race and they finish talking the character who
would have been hit will imediatly die.

BU. Under Green Forest

Difficulty: Medium
Requirments: SA2
Character: Sonic
Level: Green Forest

Play through Green Forest until you get to the first robots. Kill them and go
foward but stop at the entrance to the tunnel like cave. Go to the right of of
it and jump off the ledge and push toward the wall. You should land on a ramp
JUST above the water. Now here comes the tricky part. Jump and homing
attack(not righ away though), but make sure you don't ht the wall with the
attack hit the ramp. Sonic will run up the wall some now QUICKLY charge a
spindash and let go before he falls. Right after he starts rolling aim up and
to the right and at the same timetap spin dash again to start running. If you
did it right you will go through the wall. Hld foward and you will fall into
the water behind the wall but not die. You will just keep falling and falling
but you will be able to see the bottom of the level(oddly enough it's shaped
like an octogon).

BV. The Invisable Side Ways Ramp

Difficulty: Medium
Requirments: SA2
Character: Sonic
Level: Green Forest

Do the Glich above until the part where you spindash on the wall. This time aim
more toward your right an you should fly off but you will be rolling/running on
a sideways invisable wall. I have tried to figure out how far it goes but it's
hard to keep track of where it ends ect.

BW. Die But Keep Playing

Difficulty: Medium
Requirments: SA2, Two Controllers,Rings
Characters: Sonic AND Shadow
Level: Green Forest 2P Mode

Play through the level until both characters get to the tunnel with all the
springs that lead to the bungy jumping part. Make sure they have rings because
this wont work unless oyu have them. Have one character go in and like 1-2
seconds later have the other go in. This is really all about timing. Have both
characters hold X while falling to fall farther. Now since both characters are
falling for some odd reason the second player falls farther. He will go into
the water and die(The will say something like "NO!" or "Maria") but still be on
the bungy cord. You will end up landing fine and you can keep playing. The only
thing different is that your rings will be gone

BX. Blend The Two Player Screens

Difficulty: Easy
Requirments: SA2, Two Controllers
Characters: Sonic,Shadow,Rouge,Knuckles
Level: Any

Make sure one character has 60 rings so they can use Chaos control or time stop
or whataver. Have the character without rings die and while they are diing(like
saying "NO!" or whatever) use your special to stop time. The screens should
blend together for a few seconds and all it will show is the background.

BY. Stop Time Forever

Difficulty: Medium
Requirments: SA2
Character: Sonic
Level: Sonic's Part Of Cannon's Core

Get to the waterslide in Cannon's core and go down to the time switches. Jump
one of them and stand there. Now still standing there angle yourself facing the
waterslide and get a good camera view. Now QUICKLY jump and homing attack off
and spindash up the slide and down the other side into the tunnel before time
starts. Once there you wont here the sound anymore and time will be stopped
forever. If you were too slow bounce attack back up the slide and try again.
Just remeber you have to run like Hell to get there. It's usually easier if you
tap the spindash button again to start running since you have more controll and
can go a little faster(plus if you hit the top of the water slide in a spindash
you fly into the air wasting time, but if hat does happen save some seconds by
immediatly homing attacking).

BZ. Drown Sonic
Contributed by SonicHackr2000

Difficulty: NA
Requirments: SA2
Character: Sonic
Level: Sonic's Part Of Cannon's Core

Do the glitch above first. After you have time stopped go the end of the stage
and drop of. Sonic will land in water and he will eventually drown.

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